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    Philip Wise is the wearer of the Uniband, created by the PACT corporation, and granting him great power. He fights against ManDes who wants Canada and the US to be combined in a theocratic government.

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    When the evil organization ManDes (Manifest Destiny) begins working to force the US and Canada to become one Theocratic nation, PACT (Progressive Allied Canadian Technologies ) creates the Uniband, a unique weapon designed to manipulate energy, which is set to respond to the brainwave patterns of Karl Manning. However, ManDes arranges for Manning to be killed. 
    PACT begins looking for a person with brainwaves similar enough to Manning's to allow the Uniband to be used, finally discovering him in the form of video store manager and comic fan Phillip Wise. Wise agrees to use the Uniband as a PACT agent only if he can do so as a superhero, Northguard. He also goes by Le Protecteur for French speaking Canadians. 
    Phillip, being untrained, bungles along, consistently being beaten and tricked, but also inspiring a karate expert to become the super hero Fleur de Lys. She, in turn, convinces Phillip to continue working with PACT. Freelance spy Edward Holman, aka the Steel Chameleon, is recruited by PACT to train Phillip.
    Unfortunately, in the climactic confrontation between PACT and ManDes, the Uniband safeties are removed threatening a nuclear explosion. Phillip is able to gain control of the Uniband's surging energies, downgrading the resulting explosion to conventional levels. Though Phillip survived thanks to Steel Chameleon's assistance, the Uniband was destroyed.

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