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The Northern Edge Guard are part of the existing standing forces which provide military defense, civil emergency response, and judicial policing for the magical creatures and magic-users of the two realms: Jade and the Retreat. The northern branch team has been featured in many issues due to close association with the Diggers family. The eastern branch was featured in the Edge Guard mini-series. The southern branch was finally featured in the color volume to show more unique characters in the current ongoing Infinity Engine story arc. It has been mentioned that the western branch is comprised of minotaurs but otherwise has not been featured.


The Northern Edge Guard was created by Gold Digger artist/writer/creator Fred Perry as an homage to the cartoon Thundercats and first appeared in Gold Digger #24.

Team Evolution

The northern branch of the Edge Guard is composed entirely of were-cats. Most of the original members have names which are anagrams for characters from the Thundercats. The team is seemingly specialized for investigation and pursuit as most of its members are skilled trackers or scouts. Its members mostly specialize in close quarters combat with very few equipped for ranged combat.


NameSpeciesRoleElemental Weapon

commander (deceased)

Wyvern's Claws

Onoli Irofangwere-lion


former 2nd-in-command

Seraphim /


Garfield Silvearwere-jaguar

2nd-in-command (indefinite leave),

primary fighter

Thunder Edge (broken)

Astral Shroud

Sheila Silvearwere-jaguarprimary scoutIce Fang
Thropan Wintailwere-panthermechanical/magical engineerEarth Flail
Tirgawere-tigerprimary tracker/strategistFire Claw

Calandra Shadpaw

were-liontracker/ranged fighter"x-bow" (name unknown)

Raphiel Rey

were-cheetahscoutNegative Spikes



temporary deputy /

Raphiel's partner


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