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    The father of Bigby Wolf, but he gets along better with Snow White. He helped to raise her children, until he discovered the existence of his grandson Ghost, a Zephyr. He killed himself in order to kill Mister Dark, thus nullifying his vow to kill all Zephyrs and saving Fabletown.

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    The North Wind, often referred to as Mr. North, is the father of Bigby Wolf. When traveling the world, he fell in love with a wolf named Winter; they had seven cubs. Mr. North grew bored after several years and abandoned her. He is the only European fable that still holds his kingdom from the Adversary. He arrived in Fabletown when word reached him about the birth of his grandchildren, and he spent several years at the farm helping Snow take care of them. He treated Snow like she were his own daughter, teaching his grandchildren how to fly and shapeshift. He is strong enough to fight Demons and is confident he would be able to beat the D'Jinn, or Genie, that Sinbad's adviser released though he tells Snow White and the others the battle would probably destroy most of the planet. He is based on many European Wind Gods, primarily.

    However, despite his bad blood with his son, Snow did see that their children loved him dearly. For that, she asked Bigby for them to see him in his kingdom. While Bigby was deadset against it, he eventually agree for their children's sake. They later visit him in his castle, Bigby's not thrilled but his children are. But makig due with the circumstances, Bigby also takes Darien aside, being the leader, tells his son to take his brothers and sisters out for their first hunt. After telling them their conditions, the cubs set off.

    As Bigby and Snow, see his father for dinner, they are given the startling news that there were monsters in his forest. Bigby was quick to run off for his cubs, but Mr. North for some reason that he wouldn't tell Snow stayed behind refusing to help. This angered Snow as she now realized to trust her husband's instincts of him. Back down in the Homelands, Bigby rush and later fought six horrible monsters that were about to attack Ambrose and his siblings. Bigby, of course won, but he and the cubs found a stunning surprise. The monsters had actually been his six brothers, who were using their shape-shifting powers to impress their father.

    Back at the castle, North Wind tells Bigby and Snow that his brothers have been living in the woods below his castle for some time now. He tells them that this was why he couldn't interfere. He says a father cannot choose between his children. BIgby and Snow are outraged. They tell him that any "half-decent" father would support the good children over the bad ones. Bigby says he will deal with his brothers now. North Wind has given up his right over them by his complacent behavior. Speaking to his father in private, he tells him that he's going to keep him to his word. Bigby expects North Wind to clear out all the dangers of that land before they visit again.

    Also in addition to that, he demands his father stop killing the zephyrs so that Fabletown could use them as spies against Hansel. Surprised that he is willing to return with his family, Bigby tells him that the cubs have no idea that their grandfather is a coward. He says if they "can't have a real grandfather, at least they can enjoy the illusion of one." It appears that Mr. North knew of Mr. Dark (even calling him by his true name the Dullahan) as they were part of the same group great powers and much like Mr. Dark, kept to themselves. He was first seen confronting Mr. Dark, in apparent duel. However, they mostly talked, in which North attempted to persuade Dark from leaving the mundane world because the Fables considered it useless in magic.

    Yet, he reveals his own opinion, believing the mundy world to be full of magic as much as their own world in their Homelands. But Dark could not be persuaded, nor did he wish to as he still wanted revenge on Fabletown. To which he immediately grew bored with North's company and left him. Later on, Mr. North appears to a Belleflower (aka Frau Totenkinder). The entire conversation was an apparent attempt to get Dark's attention on her, in exchange for information. To which she informs him of seventh grandchild Ghost's existence. He was angered and outraged that Snow gave birth to him. Belleflower quickly rebuffed his statement, saying that Snow was hardly a member of his kingdom, so the blame is really not her. He would later appear again at Haven, to confront Bigby about Ghost and announced his intentions to kill Ghost.

    While Bigby made it clear he would protect his son, North held his son back and the two began to talk. North explained that in his kingdom, zephyrs were viewed as predatory monsters. Long ago, following a child massacre at the hands the zephyrs, Mr. North had sworn an oath to his people that as long as he lived, no zephyrs would be allowed to survive. He was now facing a dilemma, as he loved the cubs - his grandchildren - and would never intentionally hurt any of them. Nor did he wish to further exacerbate the slight bond he had managed to form with his son. Desperately trying to find a way to get himself out of the predicament, he realized that the only way he could forsake his wow to kill Ghost was to die, as death cancelled all obligations.

    A grim Mr. North confronted Mister Dark, who had finally planned his assault on the Fables of Fabletown; which included Bigby, Snow and the cubs. Knowing that the damages from a battle between the two would be catastrophic for the Fables, Mr. North grabbed Mr. Dark by the throat and brought up him up into the North Wind’s own realm of elemental ice and wind, so that even the slightest brush of the Dullahan’s death would not touch the world below. There, he entered his Casket of Primordial Winds (a suicide mechanism kept in case he got tired of this life, since nothing much could harm him) and took Mr. Dark with him, killing them both. When informed of Mr. North’s death, Bigby felt conflicted, as he had hated his father for so long and now his father had done something so noble as this. His musings were interrupted when one of the North Wind’s aides showed up and informed him that now that Mr. North was dead, a new North Wind was needed from his bloodline. Since Bigby is "entirely unsuitable", they will have to choose from among his children.


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