Character » Normalman appears in 23 issues.

    The only person of Levram (say that backwards) without super powers!

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    Born Norm-L, he was launch into space by his father, who thought the planet was about to explode (it didn't). 20 years later, he landed on Levram, where everyone has super powers- expect him!

    Getting off Levram

    After befriending the dim-witted Captain Everything (who named him normalman), Sgt. Fluffy and Sophisticated Lady, the Ultra Conservative tried (and failed to kill him). While hopping through various realities, he learned he could get back to his home (Arnold) with the "magic". He got back to his own reality and after another failed escaped ended up in the past. The time traveling Countess of Monte Crisco got him back to the present. Norm ran for president and won. While drunk, he learned that the magic was Sgt. Fluffy's ruby slippers. He and the Count went to Arnold.

    Crisis on Arnold

    The Count used the slippers to gained Captain Everything-level powers. Captain Everything defected one her bolts trapping her in Oz.


    Norm married the Sophistcated Lady, while Captain Everything became the planet's only super hero.


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