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    Person » Norm Breyfogle is credited in 430 issues.

    Popular Batman artist in the 80's and 90's. Frequently worked with Alan Grant. Went on to work on Prime and his own creation, Metaphysique.

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    Norm Breyfogle has been drawing since age 12 and in 1984 at the San Diego comic con Mike Friedrich saw his art on display. He represented him and soon Norm was working as a professional. Norm is best known for his work on the Batman titles with Alan Grant during Post Crisis era.

    He largely left the Bat-family of titles in the mid nineties to work on Prime, drawing the first year of that title to great success. Shortly after that he created a six issue mini series Metaphysique, inspired by dream theory and metaphysical thought. He worked on various other titles as well, including brief runs on Bloodshot and fill in issues on Superman.

    He was the penciller for both Anarky's mini series and ongoing series, a character he had co-created with Grant. He also provided the art for a run on The Spectre with JM Dematteis. This would be his last DC work for a while. After a few years away from mainstream comics, he landed a gig with Archie, working on more mature stories that were very well received. Eventually he would return to superhero comics.

    Norm later worked on the Batman Beyond section of Batman Beyond Unlimited.

    Personal Life

    Born February 27, 1960


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