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    Lord Noriyuki (のりゆき) is the Daimyo of the Geishu clan.

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    Characters Attributes

    • Caste: Samurai
    • Profession: Daimyo
    • Known Fighting Proficiencies: Kenjutsu
    • Weapon of Preference: Katana
    • Anthropomorphic Identity: Panda Bear
    • Clan Allegiance: Geishu


    The young Noriyuki became the lord of White Heron Castle when he was a child, after the death of his father. The sinister Lord Hikiji has plotted to take over the Geishu lands and has been the force behind multiple attempts to assassinate the young lord. So far, none have been successful. The young lord's life has been saved repeatedly by his chief retainer, Tomoe Ame. Many times Miyamoto Usagi has assisted in rescuing these two from dangerous situations.

    Other Media


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    Lord Noriyuki appeared in the first part of "The Real World" Season 3 Episode 22 of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. In this episode, the turtles visit Usagi's world, and have an adventure with other characters, including Usagi, Gen, Tomoe,, and Lord Hebi.


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