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    Norio is the leader of the Raksha, a team of mutant vigilantes based in Madripoor. They consider Wolverine, known to them as "Patch", an inspiration.

    The Raksha were confronted by the X-Men whilst taking down an MGH dealer (Mutant Growth Hormone) due to Jimmy Hudson, one of the X-Men, disapproving of their cut-throat methods. However both teams agreed to work when the Raksha recognised the similiaries between Jimmy Hudson and Wolverine.

    Later the Raksha assisted the X-Men when the Goblin Queen and her Hex-Men assaulted the X-Men's Madripoor mansion. Afterwards Magneto offered the Raksha to join them, but they refused, citing that Wolverine wouldn't have approved.

    The Raksha later stayed at the X-Mansion whilst the majority of the young X-Men were in deep space. They were assaulted by a possessed Polaris who had fallen under Malice's control and suffered significant injuries. This didn't however prevent them from later once again teaming up with the X-Men to take down another group of MGM drug dealers and eventually becoming students at the X-Mansion after Magneto left.


    Norio can project a stream of Darkforce energy from her left eye


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