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Norfulthing first appeared in Hellblazer #11 from writer Jamie Delano and artist Richard Piers Rayner.

Major Story Arcs

Hellblazer #11

The young girl Astra Logue summoned Norfulthing when her father tried to make her participate in in other of his sex rituals in the basement of the Casanova Club in Newcastle, England. Norfulthing promptly tore through the club members in a brutal fashion. John Constantine and his group of friends attempted to rescue the girl and defeat Norfulthing by summoning a higher demon to take defeat it. Getting his ritual wrong, John accidentally summoned Nergal, who claimed Astra's soul for his own and seemingly killed Norfulthing.

Hellblazer #245-246

It would later transpire that Norfulthing was alive, haunting the ruins of the abandoned Casanova Club. A group of documentary filmmakers were exploring the old Casanova Club for a film about John's old band Mucous Membrane. Norfulthing attacked them and the film crew began turning insane, as Norfulthing brutally murdered them before John Constantine showed up to seal the beast once again.


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