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    Norchavius is the Green Lantern of Sector 26 and famous for his skill as a sculptor.

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    Selected as the Green Lantern of Sector 26, Norchavius called the planet Gra'var home, where the gravity was so low that land masses floated in the air and all living creatures possessed the natural ability to fly. Norchavius served before the Green Lantern Corps expanded to include sector partners and seemed to be one of the rare cases in which he was not the only Green Lantern of his sector. He was good friends with the fellow Green Lantern in his sector, Archon Z'gmora. Sadly, Archon was murdered by a serial killer called N'gon.


    Norchavius first appeared in Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps: Secret Files & Origins as one of the many Green Lantern mini-biographies included in the issue. Presumably, he was created by Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons.

    Major Story Arcs

    War of the Green Lanterns

    For further details: War of the Green Lanterns
    Norchavius was one of the Green Lanterns drafted by Salaak as part of a unit to bring Hal Jordan to Oa by whatever means necessary to answer for his secret alliance with the likes of Sinestro, Atrocitus and other members of other Lantern Corps. However, the mission went awry when Krona attacked Oa and restored Parallax's impurity to the Central Power Battery. Norchavius, along with nearly the entire Green Lantern Corps, fell under Krona's control.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like all Green Lanterns, Norchavius is capable of interstellar flight and energy constructs. He is an incredibly skilled sculptor, responsible for many of the statues on Oa, and this skill is reflected in his ring constructs.

    Norchavius possesses the natural ability to fly in low gravity but uses his ring to support himself physically in higher gravity environments.

    Green Lantern Record

    Status: Active
    Space Sector: 26
    Sector Partner: Unknown
    Homeworld: Gra'var
    Predecessor: Archon Z'gmorra
    Successor: Inapplicable

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