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    Noor is part of the Pride of Baghdad that must survive after there home is destroyed, she does her best to protect her cub Ali and cope to the new changes.

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    Noor is a lion living in an enclosure at Baghdad Zoo along with Safa the elderly lioness, Zill the eldest male, and her son, the cub Ali. Noor is the mate of Zill. She fervently takes care of her child at the cost of everything else.Noor also reminisces for the days when she was free as a wild lion, although that period only seems to have been short as she was captured by humans at a very young age. She longs for freedom and often attempts to find liberation by plotting with other animals of the Zoo, however usually to non success. Eventually freedom comes from external sources as a bombing from US jets created an opening in the lions enclosure, and with that Noor and her fellow lions make an escape.    


    Noor is a Vertigo character appearing in the graphic novel Pride of Baghdad released in 2006. The book was written by Brian K Vaughan and illustrated by Niko Henrichon. The character Noor as her fellow lions are based and inspired on the real world events and a recorded news report detailing the finding and shooting of 4 escaped lions in Baghdad after the United States invasion of Baghdad in 2003.

    Character Evolution

    Within the context of the story, Noor represents optimism and the appeal to work together for a bright future for all, even if it means rising above base instincts and urges. This contrasts well with Safa's cynicism, her cub Ali's naivety and Zill's tolerance tested. Noor's attitude and outlook is best typified with her interaction with the antelope, where she asks that old grudges be forgotten, in light of positive gain for both. Despite their conflict of ideologies Noor and Safa eventually come to a type of understanding with each other.        

    Powers and Abilities

    Noor has much of the typical attributes that a lion should possess. Superhuman speed, vicious ferocity when needed, natural hunting abilities and superhuman senses. Noor is in her prime. 

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