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Nonna was once a member of the Glider-worshiping human tribe, the Hoan g'tay Sho. She has eloped with Adar, and is now exiled from her own people. They now live in a large tree-cave not far from Blue Mountain. She first finds Cutter in a delirious state, from a swamp-infected squirrel bite, and adopts him during the tenure of his recuperation.

Heals Cutter

We first meet Nonna in ElfQuest #8. She lives with Adar in the hollow of a great tree. Cutter meets Nonna at her campfire, wandering delirious and sick then collapses. She nursed the Wolfrider chief back to health. She was nearly killed by Skywise in his attempt to rescue his chief, but Cutter prevented the attack before it could happen.

First Benevolent Human

Nonna is highly significant to the original ElfQuest because she is the first human to welcome the Wolfrider elves. Before knowing Nonna & Adar, Cutter Kinseeker had only the relationship of what we humans call war against the "five-fingered ones". Nonna wears her long hair with two thick braids that frame her face, much like the elf-chief Kahvi, but she also wears a pony-tail as in the Wolfriders tradition. Both of these hair styles signify leadership for the different elf-tribes.


Nonna paints, from memory, the visions of tall elves who rode on large hawks and carry sharp well-smithed spears. She was once symbol make of the Hoan G'Tay Sho. She adores elves but does not understand at first that Cutter is of the same specie as the taller Gliders. Thus, the couple is a very friendly omen for the elves' prospect to live on the world of two moons in peace & harmony.

She preserves the memory in truth of who the elves living on the world of two moons really are.


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