Character » Nomoz appears in 48 issues.

    A dwarf created by the St. Dumas order, he activated Jean Paul Valley's Azrael training. After the Order's destruction, he assisted Jean Paul, as it was his sole purpose for being bred.

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    Nomoz is one of the dwarfs bred by the Order of St Dumas scientists, with his sole purpose to be guiding the orders' champion Azrael. He became close with Jean-Paul Valley during his time as Azrael.

    Nomoz used his knowledge of hypnosis to unleash Jean-Paul's programming and introduced him to the Order of St. Dumas. Nomoz provided Jean-Paul with the latest Azrael's Suit and he guided the new Angel of Vengeance against the Lord Demon Biis (Carlton LeHah), who was killing members of the Order of St. Dumas.

    Biis hurted Azrael and captured Batman, leaving Nomoz and Alfred Pennyworth to take care of the wounded Jean-Paul and plan the rescue of Batman. Soon, they went to Biis' hideout and broke inside the place. However, after a brutal fight and a big explosion, Azrael managed to rescue Batman, despite Nomoz's instructions to let him die and eliminate Biis instead. Nomoz scolded Jean-Paul for neglecting his duty as Azrael, but Jean-Paul was sure he did the right thing.


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