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The first Nommo
The first Nommo

The original Nommo were the gods of the mind that sent out the Spirit of Justice to reincarnate their original apprentice, an Egyptian shaman. Over the years, any ShadowHawk would have their soul brought into the Mind Sea, the location of the Nommo and are gathered there to reincarnate and assist the Chosen One, Eddie Collins.


Kurt Busiek and Jim Valentino

Team Evolution

Named Members of the Nommo include: Inspector Hawk, the Kings Hawk, Li Ching Kai, Hawk Dell'ombra, Halcon Sombrio, Hawk and his bird Shadow, ShadowHawk Girl, Luke Hatfield Sr., Paul Johnstone.

Anyone who ever had the Spirit of Justice inhabit them enters in the Nommo, inside the Mind Sea. The Nommo has thousands of members, all different genders, races and ages, spanning from different times in history, like Medieval Japan or the Wild West.

Major Story Arcs


It is unknown where or how the Nommo came into the world, but the first ever time the Nommo knowingly revealed themselves to anyone was in Ancient Egypt to an unnamed Egyptian Shaman who was able to communicate with them after consuming some hallucinogenic mushrooms. He was quickly killed however, by other priests who felt threatened by his teachings from the Nommo. Upset with the Shaman's death, the lead god, Heru, decided to not leave his disciple, but reincarnate him by using his spirit to collect souls of other men and women to make the Shaman's spirit whole again. Dubbing his soul t he Spirit of Justice, he quickly released it out into the world, where it would take thousands of years and even more people to recreate the Shaman's soul.

The Chosen One

After years of collecting souls, the final ShadowHawk, Paul Johnstone, died, and has his soul collected into the Nommo. The Spirit of Justice would then enter a robotic body that was quickly disposed of, and then entered into the body of Eddie Collins, the Chosen One. It was now the Nommo's job to assist Eddie and help him out during battle, communicating to him through the Helmet of Heru. Also, any member of the Nommo could physically assist Eddie by taking over his body and helping him fight. This would be a problem however, when their constant badgering caused Eddie to lose his helmet and have his best friend killed. Even though they were able to communicate with Eddie and help him get his helmet back, he was Upset with what happened, so he asked for the Nommo to remain silent for a while so he could grow as hero by himself.

Image United

During the events of Image United, the Nommo broke their promise to be silent and tried again to assist Eddie, only to have him get caught off guard and beaten into the ground by one of Omega Spawn's demons. Frightened they might lose the Chosen One, the Nommo agreed with Eddies' dad, James, to have him and Paul Johnstone switch places in order to save Eddie. Paul came back to life, saved Eddie and is now the current ShadowHawk as James remains in the Nommo. The communication to the Nommo was severed, so Paul cannot talk to them during this time.

As of right now, ShadowHawk is put on hiatus, so it is unknown what will happen to the Nommo.

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