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    The son of Arnim Zola born in Dimension Z and raised by Captain America. Currently working under codename Nomad.

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    Created by Arnim Zola for an as of yet unknown reason, Ian was stolen (or in Caps mind, rescued) from his test tube by Captain America and is thought by his "father" to be dead. After one year of traveling with Cap he appeared to have aged quite a bit, possibly being a toddler when one year ago he was a baby suggesting he ages quickly or that time flows differently in Dimension Z. He and Cap were captured by the locals of the dimension, the Phrox, and were sent to be executed because they were thought to be servants of Zola. Ian was put on a chopping block, but Cap was able to break free of his shackles and managed to save Ian, but he was quickly struck down by the tribe's leader.

    However, a member of the tribe took pity on them and begged their leader to let them live, saying Cap does not serve Zola because he has seen him fight his minions, shortly before they captured them for trespassing. Their leader grudgingly agrees to let them live.


    Ian Zola was created by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. and first appeared in Captain America Vol. 7 issue 1 (2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    Living in Dimension Z

    Eleven years later he and Cap are still trapped in Dimension Z. After a battle, between Captain America and Ian against Zola's army and daughter, Jet Black, Captain America was blasted off a cliff and Jet Black brought Ian to Zola. Zola did not know Captain America kept Ian in his care rather than killing him.

    Ian refused to serve Zola, but was brainwashed to hate Cap and love the will of Zola.

    When invading Zola's home and seemingly breaking Jet Black's brainwash, Captain America is confronted by Ian and a Captain America mutate clone, just before Zola's tower is about to be teleported to Earth-616.

    After long struggle, Captain America succeeds in braking Ian's terrible brainwash as well. Finally realizing that Cap is the good one and Zola only wants to conquer. But during this reunion, Ian is shot through the throat by the newly arrived Sharon Carter, thinking Ian was a threat to Cap.

    Tomorrow Soldier

    It was later revealed that Ian was able to survive Sharon's attack and is now leading the Phrox against Zola's Mutates. Legends of him grew and he became known as a man with no name, no face, no home and only known as a Nomad.


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