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Too Much Toast, Too Little Butter

I'll admit, I only bought this issue because the Six Pack makes an appearance. It's always nice to see favorite characters in the hands of other artists and the Six Pack don't suffer from this varied treatment (except maybe Domino's boobs on the cover; when did those happen?). The lay-out of the book is extremely cool. The dark paneling reminds me of Mignola's work on other Six Pack stories, as told in X-Force. The darkness brings to mind the mood of a man out finding himself, which is appropriate because that is what the book is about.

This said, I wasn't pulled into the story enough to want to know more about Nomad. I was interested in checking out other issues for the sole purpose of seeing their presentations, not to see the stories. My big beef with the story was that things happened far too fast. Nomad is easily swayed. The end comes too quick. Nothing really shouts at the reader, "Hey, I'm the plot!" It's just a story that involves some of my favorite characters. No one grows. The issue doesn't even really end. Where does Six Pack go?

Flay the Writer: It seems that Fabian Nicieza had his hands in a ton of Marvel books at this time. Reading books from this era that he penned begin to look threadbare, and this extension of himself may be why. Nomad isn't a bad book; X-Force and New Warriors aren't bad books; they pale in comparison, however, with the earlier X-Force books, the ones he did when it was one of this very few projects.

In the end, fans of the Six Pack should pick up this issue, but they shouldn't expect much more than an appearance in a sundry book. People looking into Nomad should get a different issue first. This is just filler with killer characters.

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