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    The continuity of The Dark Knight Trilogy under the direction of Christopher Nolan.

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    The Dark Knight Trilogy

    Batman Begins (2005)

    When he was 8 years old, Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by Joe Chill. Bruce got custody from his butler, Alfred. 14 years later, Chill was in parole. Bruce came to the trial to assassinate Chill. Unfortunately, Carmine Falcone's assassins killed Joe instead. Bruce came to his childhood friend, Rachel Dawes. Carmine wanted Bruce to become a criminal. Bruce fled to a prison in Bhutan until he met Henri Ducard who told Bruce to join the league of shadows. Bruce trained as a ninja until the leader, Ra's al Ghul revealed that the league intended to destroy Gotham. Bruce returned back to Gotham and made an alter ego known as Batman. At Arkham Asylum, Jonathan Crane worked on a drug which makes people scared. Batman foiled Jonathan's scheme and celebrated his birthday. Henri Ducard showed up and revealed that he is the real Ra's al Ghul. Bruce told everybody to get out of his manor. Bruce offered Gordon his Batmobile so Batman can stop Ra's' train. Ra's died and Batman became a hero. Gordon informed Batman that a criminal has been dropping Joker cards.

    The Dark Knight (2008)

    A couple of months after Ra's al Ghul's train was destroyed, the Joker began to spread power. Harvey Dent was needed by Bruce Wayne and Gordon for ideas. Harvey Dent is in love with Rachel Dawes. The Joker made an alliance with the Chechen to threaten to kill people until Batman reveals his identity. Loeb and the judge were killed by the Joker. Bruce hid the Joker so he cannot be killed. The Joker was interrogated and told Batman that he sent Harvey and Rachel to two rooms with explosives. Batman went to Rachel's room but found Harvey Dent. Harvey had acid on the right side of his face while Rachel died. Harvey was sent to Gotham Hospital. The Joker found Dent and teamed up. Dent became known as Two-Face. Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne used sonar rays to help Bruce find the Joker.

    The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    8 years after the Dent Act was passed, Bane showed up and terrorized Gotham. Bane intended to finish Ra's al Ghul's work. Selina Kyle warned Bruce that a storm is coming. Miranda Tate helped Bruce and Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises.


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