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    Prixiam Nol-Anj is a Star Sapphire villainess and former prisoner of the Oan sciencells. She escaped after convincing Lantern Cossite she loved him, using her new violet powers to kill him and escape the Green Lanterns. She is the leader of the Braidmen.

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    A new Star Sapphire
    A new Star Sapphire

    Nol-Anj is introduced as a prisoner in an Oan sciencell, imprisoned for a slew of different crimes- racketeering, smuggling, extortion, murder for hire, abduction, trafficking in organisms, larceny, grand theft starship, and assault with an energy weapon. Over time, she uses her pesky feminine wiles to beguile her guard, Lantern Cossite, and he falls in love with her. When Larfleeze attacks Oa in the aftermath of the First Lantern's defeat and the death of the Guardians, his constructs kill a Star Sapphire who arrived to aid in the defense of the planet. The fallen Sapphire's ring flies to Nol-Anj's cell, where it declares her eligible to become a Star Sapphire herself. Nol-Anj persuades Cossite that the ring's presence is proof that her love for him is true, and he readily opens the door and allows her to slip the ring onto her fingers and acquire its power. To his understandable shock, she then kills him, declaring that the love in her heart that the ring detected was not for him, but for the Clann she belonged to, that accepted her when no one else would.

    After Larfleeze's attack is thwarted, Hal and the rest of the Lanterns discover Cossite's body and learn of Nol-Anj's escape.

    Nol-Anj's Clann

    After Nol-Anj escapes the Oan sciencells, she commandeers a spacecraft and heads for space sector 0563, a barren world unworthy of a name. This is the home base for her clan, the Braidmen, a group of scavengers and contraband pirates, of which she is the Prixiam. As Prixiam, she serves similarly as would a queen or Khaleesi. The love for her clan is so potent, Nol-Anj has been shown to have the ability to extend her violet powers to shatter green constructs and summon/control multiple members of the Braidmen across great distances.

    Powers & Abilities

    Star Sapphire Power Ring

    Flight and Space Travel: She can surround herself in an energy field and fly within a planet's atmosphere or through outer space. In space, she can generate an interstellar space warp to travel between solar systems at great speed.

    Energy Blasts, Shields, and Constructs: She can fire energy beams with destructive power, generate energy shields for defense, and create energy constructs that can take the form of anything she can imagine. The power of these is proportional to her ability to tap into and believe in the love within her heart.

    Sapphire Crystals: She can surround others in a prison of sapphire crystal to show them what they love most, as well as bring out the love that may be buried in their hearts.

    Heart Tethers: A heart tether can bring her to someone she loves or guide her to where love is threatened out among the stars.

    Teleportation: She is able to teleport herself and others on an interstellar scale, provided she can harness enough love to power it.

    Healing: She can use the power of love to heal even normally fatal wounds. Conceivably, she could also even bring someone back from the dead (as fer fellow Star Sapphire Corpswoman, Miri Riam, did once).

    Heart Prophecies: She can use her power to look into someone's heart and show them a vision of their future.


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