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Marvel Boy
Marvel Boy

Noh-Varr is of the Kree race and has been genetically engineered from cockroach DNA. He joined the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt. They were sent out as peace keepers to negotiated the Kree/ Skrull Ceasefire. On their way back home, the group answered five distress calls. In the events of facing three Astro-Gods, they were lost in alternate reality after alternate reality. When the 18th finally thought they found home, they arrived on Earth where they were shot down. Noh-Varr was the only survivor of the group.

Noh-Varr awoke to find himself trapped in an orb and surrounded by scientists. The facility was owned by a man who called himself Doctor Midas. Doctor Midas was after Noh-Varr's ships engine because it ran off of Cosmic Rays, and he wanted its power to mutate him just the way Cosmic Rays have mutated the Fantastic Four. Using his saliva to cause a guard to hallucinate, Noh-Varr escaped from Doctor Midas building. Plex told Noh-Varr that he should lie low until repairs could be made to his ship, but Noh-Varr ignored Plex, telling it he had his own plans.

Noh-Varr went out into New York and started blasting down buildings with his ray gun, saying that he was at war with Earth. He felt that he needed to avenge his crew's death, by taking over this world and making it a better place. S.H.I.E.L.D. sent out a group of "Super-Soldiers" called First Strike to stop Noh-Varr's attack on the city. Noh-Varr used his Pocket Battlefield to suck in the First Strike, and fight them inside. He easily defeated the first two members of First Strike, but the final one activated his gamma powers and "Hulked Out". Noh-Varr easily dodging the "Hulk's" attacks, but could not find a way to take him down. Using the Omniwave, Plex sent a huge crowd to block the Bannerman from attacking Noh-Varr. Noh-Var then finished a message out of burning buildings that could be read from the sky.

A Personal Touch
A Personal Touch

Soon a Corporation named Hex, started becoming the most powerful Corporation on Earth. Plex explained to Noh-Varr that Hex is actually a living idea called, Hexus. Hexus plan was to become the most powerful corporation on Earth and then spread across the universe and eventually consuming everything. Knowing that Hexus was his responsibility, Noh-Varr went down to their headquarters and made his way into the CEO's office. There Noh-Varr uploaded all of Hex's plans and ideas to its rival corporations so they could exploit them before Hex could. Noh-Varr then battled multiple "CEO's" to distract Hex's from the real threat of its rising compitition. In less then a day, Hex's stocks fell and died out.

After the batte with Hex's Noh-Varr found himself injured and trying to make his way back to his ship to recover. But before he could make it, he encountered a girl dressed in all leather. She chased after Noh-Varr on her motorcycle, but Noh-Varr was able to keep ahead of her by entering a state called "White Running", which is when he thinks about nothing but running. Noh-Varr attempted to escape her by running up the side of a building, but she shot at his footing causing him to fall of the side and crash through the roof of a bus. While inside the bus, he was shot at, but manage to escape where he was then beaten by several men working for Doctor Midas. Doctor Midas then beat Noh-Varr, trying to get him to tell him where his ship was hidden. Right before Noh-Varr was killed, his daugher shot him and took Noh-Varr down into the sewers.

Plex gave her the directions to him, so that Noh-Varr could be saved by him. After recovering from his injuries, Noh-Varr was going to kill Midas' daughter for trying to kill him. It was revealed that her name was " Oubliette" and that her father was Dr. Midas. Noh-Varr told her how he had come to arrive on Earth, and that it was Doctor Midas that was not the bad guy. Oubliette asked Noh-Varr to trust her, but he said that in order to do so, he would have to see her face. At first she didn't want to because she believed that she had ugly scars, but when she removed her mask, she found out that her father had lied to her the entire time. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Dr. Midas moved into Noh-Varr's ship and attacked Plex, while Noh-Varr and Oubliette were attacked by one of Doctor Midas's monsters.

While Noh-Varr and Oubilette battled the monster, Doctor Midas stepped into the Cosmic Rays of Noh-Varr's ship mutating his body. When he emerged he was made of stone and had control over the four elements. Noh-Varr left Oubilette to battle the monster, while he went after Doctor Midas. The two battled, but Doctor Midas, now calling himself Cosmic Man, was too powerful for Noh-Varr. But right before Noh-Varr was killed, Oubilette blasted her father with the head of the monster she had been battling. Using this blast, she killed her father and saved Noh-Varr. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents then moved in and arrested Noh-Var and took him to a prison called The Cube. Noh-Varr claimed that The Cube was now, "The Capital City of the New Kree Empire".


Noh-Varr was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist J.G. Jones. His first appearance was in Marvel Boy issue 1 (2000).

Major Story Arcs

Civil War

Noh-Varr as Captain Marvel
Noh-Varr as Captain Marvel

Iron Man brought it to the attention of the Illuminati that Noh-Varr needs to be dealt with. So they set up a plan to have a "discussion" with him that would try to convince him that being a hero for Earth is much better than being at war with it. The discussion started with Namor beating Noh-Varr down and then Xavier allowing him to see the Inhumans.

They explained to him that the Inhumans are direct descendants of the Kree and that if he attacks Earth, he is attacking himself. They then showed him Captain Marvel, a hero from the Kree Empire. Mr. Fantastic told Noh-Varr how Captain Marvel not only saved the Earth, but he probably saved the Kree at the same time and that Noh-Varr should try to follow in his foot steps. Iron Man then talked to Noh-Varr, telling him how he understands what its like to be stuck on a planet you are far more advanced than. But then he asked him would he rather live his life like Captain Marvel or like a Prisoner. After the Illuminati left him to make his choice, Noh-Varr said, "Captain Marvel. During the Civil War, the Young Avengers found the Runaways and attempted to help them.

V.S. the Young Avengers
V.S. the Young Avengers

Due to a misunderstanding the two teams battled each other but came to a halt when they realized they were on the same side. Meanwhile, Noh-Varr has had his mind abused by the warden of the Cube so that he thought the warden was Plex. Maria Hill asked the warden to use Noh-Varr to track down the Runaways and bring them in. Noh-Varr followed his orders, believing the warden to be Plex telling him what to do. Noh-Varr quickly tracked down both teams and broke Xavin's neck before they realized he was there. Noh-Varr then went to beating both the Runaways and the Young Avengers by himself. During the battle, Vision phased his arm into Noh-Varr's chest, but Noh-Varr ripped Vision's arm off leaving it stuck in his chest. The warden then captured Wiccan, Hulkling, Karolina, and Xavin while Noh-Varr was about to defeat the remaining members. But before he could the Warden called him back and they returned to the Cube. The remaining members of the Runaways and the Young Avengers showed up at the Cube and attempted to free their friends. Noh-Varr was once again sent in to battle both teams, but when Victor got close to the Vision, it sent his circuitry going wild which stunned Noh-Varr. Vision then suggested they help "Fix" Noh-Varr. Noh-Varr then took over the Cube, making the Warden his "slave" and claiming it to be the Capital City of the New Kree Empire.

Secret Invasion

Noh-Varr has continued his control over the Cube, by making the Warden his minion, forcing him to make his routine reports to Maria Hill. Noh-Varr has also upload as much of Plex as he could into the Cube's mainframe, trying to restore it. Plex has been using the Omniwave to make everyone in the Cube Noh-Varr's allies. While talking with one of the prisoners, Brick, he suddenly turned on Noh-Varr. Noh-Varr quickly realized that the Omniwave had been shut down and the prisoners had began to riot. He quickly defeats Brick and looks for the cause of the Omniwave failing. Noh-Varr ends up finding the Warden has been killed, by a Skrull. Noh-Varr easily kills the Skrull and leaves the Cube, no longer having a need for it.

Fleeing the cube on a S.H.I.E.L.D. minijet, Noh-Varr was flying over a mall when a Skrull Ship crashed and exploded in the parking lot below him. Landing down at the crash scene, Noh-Varr saw an injured Captain Marvel walking out of the explosion. Noh-Varr helped him lay down where Captain Marvel begged

Making His Choices
Making His Choices

Noh-Varr to help save the Earth from the Skrull Invasion. Noh-Varr appeared to be taking the dying words of Captain Marvel to heart, but was stunned when he reverted back to his natural Skrull form. Making his decision, Noh-Varr flew off on his mini jet towards Manhattan where the real battle for Earth was taking place between the Skrull Empire and Earth's Superhumans. Flying into the middle of the battle, Noh-Varr crashes his mini jet, causing an explosion and taking out some skrulls in the process. Walking out of the explosion, Noh-Varr declared his side by stating the war was over in the name of Captain Marvel and the Kree Empire.

Noh-Varr is then later shown taking to the skies to take out some Skrull Warships alongside Thor and some other flying heroes of Earth. His next appearance is him holding some Skrull Warriors hostage next to Hulkling, Hawkeye, and Wiccan of the Young Avengers at the end of the Invasion.

Dark Reign

Dark Avengers
Dark Avengers

After the fallout of the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn is put in charge of forming a new team of Avengers as well as a new S.H.I.E.L.D. To replace S.H.I.E.L.D., Norman comes up with the government program, H.A.M.M.E.R. As he hand picks the new team of Avengers, he seeks out counterparts for former Avenger members. Finding Noh-Varr at the Cube once more, Norman asks him to join under the name Captain Marvel, which Noh agrees to.

Shortly after the announcement of Noh-Varr taking the name Captain Marvel, he caught the attention of a religious group. The Church of Hala, a religion that worships the original Captain Marvel as a savior, committed a religious suicide due to Noh-Varr. Ms. Marvel heard the report on the news and decided to investigate the suicides. While searching for evidence that leads to Noh-Varr, she runs into him and blames him for the deaths. Noh-Varr tells her out of respect for Mar-Vell he doesn't attack her. She lashes out by slapping him, which he then grabs her by the throat. Threatening her that he could call Norman Osborn, he decides to let her go and continues to tell her that the Mar-Vell who returned was a Skrull. She tries to hit him once more, but this time he catches her hand and pulls her arm behind her back. Forcing her to listen, he tells her about the Skrull Captain Marvel who asked him to protect the Earth, and who died after taking out the Skrull Warship. As Noh-Varr is leaving he tells her that next time he will no longer stay his hand.

Ares glaring at Noh-Varr
Ares glaring at Noh-Varr

After getting a report of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents under attack at Castle Doom, the Dark Avengers go out on their first mission. Upon arriving at Castle Doom, they find Dr. Doom beaten by Morgan Le Fay. Norman Osborn orders Sentry not to hold back, and Sentry quickly flies in and rips Le Fay's head off. But after thinking the battle was over, Sentry starts screaming and after a burst of bright lights was gone. Morgan Le Fay appeared before them once more and told them she was a Time Traveler and would just keep coming back. She then cast a spell which cause Venom to attack Ares, while she summons demons to attack the rest of the Dark Avengers. Morgan Le Fay was defeated though by Dr. Doom and Iron Patriot, who traveled back to the past and confronted Morgan Le Fay in her own time. In the aftermath of the battle, the Avengers started heading back to Avengers Tower. While riding on the Quinjet, Karla commented on how she was impressed by Noh-Varr in the battle. She also told him that she is Kree-Related as well, due to her Moonstones. As she walked away, Ares was staring Noh-Varr down, which when Noh-Varr noticed he faced front. As the Quinjet was about to arrive at the tower, Sentry appeared in front of them in a blinding flash of light.

Noh-Varr and Karla
Noh-Varr and Karla

After Sentry is convince to try and relax and go back into the tower, the rest of the Avengers do as well. Victoria Hand tells them all that they need to take their required medicine, only Bullseye and Venom seem to be the ones that need to take it though. Later that night, Noh-Varr was walking back to his room after a shower when Karla invites him into her room. After spending the night together, Karla told him that she wants to see how Norman explains that his "Avengers" are full of criminals. Noh-Varr is disturbed to learn that the rest of his teammates are all criminals pretending to be heroes. But before anything else could be said, there is an attack in Los Angeles, California and the Avengers are summoned by Norman Osborn to deal with it.

After revelation about his teammates true colors, Noh-Varr took off from the Avengers Tower. When Norman asked about his whereabouts, none of the other Avengers knew where he was. Norman demanded to know what Karla had told him, but she said she didn't tell him anything.

With Nega-Bands as the Protector
With Nega-Bands as the Protector

After leaving the Avengers, Noh-Varr sought out Wolverine, whom he found in a Japanese restaurant. Noh-Varr told Wolverine about Norman's plan to take over the Weapon X facility. The two of them arrived on the facility, but as they arrived, Wolverine was put under the control of a hive mind, and attacked Noh-Varr along with an army of mutant zombies which were sent by H.A.M.M.E.R. Escaping into a tunnel, Noh-Varr ran into Fantomex who was also trying to put a stop to the mutant army. Fantomex informed Noh-Varr that the mind-controlling is coming from Weapon XVI, a sentinel mind, called Allgod. While Fantomex distracted the zombies and Wolverine, Noh-Varr found the Allgod, where he had to kiss it to get it to realize that they were no longer a threat. Weapon XVI released his control over Noh-Varr and the zombies, and the three heroes teamed up to take them out. The three then went their separate ways, after stopping Norman's plot.

While still on the run from Norman Osborn, Noh-Varr created a device to contract the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire, so he can ask what his purpose is on Earth. This device brought attention from several groups, including the Fantastic Four and H.A.M.M.E.R. Because of this Noh-Varr had to keep on the move, so he wouldn't be caught in his activities. Noh-Varr runs into a girl named Annie who had just broken up with her boyfriend. But while they were talking, Noh-Varr is attacked by the Sentry. Noh escapes from the Sentry when Annie picks up one of Noh's weapons and shoots Sentry with it. Noh then heads back to his hide out where he receives an an answer from the Supreme Intelligence. He tells Noh that he will be the protector of Earth, much like Mar-Vell was. He also gives Noh-Varr a set of new Nega-Bands, that were created just for him. They are much different than the original Nega-Bands, and granted Noh-Varr a new costume. Noh goes and sees Annie again, and tells her that he is here to protect Earth, and that at the right time he will stop Norman Osborn. As he teleports away he is being watch by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

The Protector

With his new look and powers, Noh-Varr has taken up the name The Protector. Noh-Varr has also developed a relationship with Annie, the girl who helped him escape from Norman's Avengers. As the two were going to the store, they are attacked by a time traveling woman. She was claiming to be there to test Noh's abilities in battle. Noh jumps into battle, but when the woman decides to attack innocents instead, Noh focuses more on protecting people than trying to defeat her. She tells Noh that he needs his help, but not until he can grasp that there are those that could be saved and those that should be saved. Noh knocks her helmet off with a punch, revealing that it is an older Annie in the suit. She tells him that he will understand someday and disappears to another time.

Noh-Varr vs Titanium Man
Noh-Varr vs Titanium Man

When the Avengers are asked to save the future by Immortus, they seek out Noh-Varr to gain the technology needed to reach the time period. They find Noh-Varr easily taking down Titanium Man with only a few hits. They ask Noh-Varr if he has really changed his ways, and he explains that he is supposed to be a Protector of Earth. He agrees to help them on their mission and goes back to Avengers Tower with them. With the help of Spider-Man and Iron Man, Noh-Varr quickly builds a Space-Time Continuum Viewer. While viewing the different possible realities, they find the one with the Next Avengers (Children of several members of the Avengers). The Avengers witness their children executing Immortus and breaking the Time-Stream.

Realizing how serious the situation is, the Avengers ask Noh-Varr to take them into the future. Before Noh-Varr gets a chance, Avengers Tower is attacked by Wonder Man. He is upset because he told Steve Rogers that he wouldn't allow the Avengers to reform. He claims that the Avengers are always the source of the problem. Wonder Man quickly takes out Wolverine and Thor, but is blasted out of the tower by Noh-Varr. Wonder Man returns for a second attack, but before he reaches the Avengers, he vanishes out of thin air. While Wonder Man didn't defeat the Avengers, his attack was enough to damage Noh-Varr's time machine. Before he gets a chance to repair it, time fades around them and they come face to face with Apocalypse and his Horsemen.

Avengers vs. X-Men

Noh-Varr was assigned to the Secret Avengers; the team tasked with intercepting and attempting to contain the cosmic Phoenix Force. However, he was also tasked by the Kree Supreme Intelligence to deliver the contained Phoenix Force to them. As such, Noh-Varr betrayed the Avengers and delivered a clipped wing of the Phoenix Force in a special container he designed. However, when he realized the Kree were going to allow the Phoenix to destroy Earth, Noh-Varr rebelled against their orders. The Avengers arrived to reclaim the portion of the Phoenix's energy and also threatened Noh-Varr to never set foot on Earth again. Left on Hala and considered to be a traitor to his own people, Noh-Varr was robbed of his Kree Nega-bands and chased off the planet by a lynch mob of angry Kree soldiers.

Young Avengers

After being forced out of the Avengers, Noh-Varr cannot help but return to Earth. He meets up with Kate Bishop of the Young Avengers, and they spend the night together. The next morning, an energetic Noh-Varr explains that he loves Earth too much for him to stay away. Kate and Noh-Varr stay together, later helping Wiccan, Hulkling, Miss America and Loki escape from a transdimensional parasite named Mother. Mother takes the form of his dead parents, Captain Glory and Star Splendor, as she controlled the various dead and living parents of the group. They are able to temporarily defeat Mother and flee New York. Noh-Varr decides to stay with the reformed team, and travels with them through the multiverse when Speed is kidnaped by a creature wearing Patriot's costume.

Original Sin

Noh joined forces with fellow teammates Hulkling and Prodigy to assess a threat after the "explosion" of force from one of Uatu the Watcher's eyes in Manhattan, NYC. The explosion implanted memories of events the Watcher witnessed into the minds of those nearest. These memories were specific to the person they affected. Teddy, Noh, and David were unaffected by the explosion, but did decide to help alleviate the damage caused by the situation. SHIELD immediately began the evacuation of all those who were affected by the explosion. Their fear was that those who had been exposed would now know too much for their own good. The trio came upon a building that had been ignored by the SHIELD agents, which was especially peculiar. Upon entering the building, they were confronted by the Red Hood, who had been using his mystical powers to conceal the building from SHIELD's scanners. After a brief struggle, Noh was able to use his enhanced speed to disarm the Hood, while Teddy managed to subdue him. The Hood explained that the residents of the building were going mad with the memories that had been implanted in their minds. He was trying to find a way to remove their memories so that he might help them. The trio was suspicious, but they agreed to help him. David used his powers to create a makeshift Cerebro that would allow him to remove their memories, and safely download them onto an encrypted file. While David worked, it would be up to Teddy and Noh to keep an eye on the Hood. During this time, Noh and Teddy were contacting the other members of their team via text message. Billy, Teddy's boyfriend, wanted to help, but Teddy encouraged him to stay home and finish studying, while he took care of things with Noh and David. Noh contacted América Chávez, who happened to be on a date, and Kate Bishop, who happened to be in San Francisco with Clint Barton's dog, Lucky, so neither could help. Eventually, David's contraption worked, allowing him to remove and download the implanted memories. Once the process was complete, the Hood attempted to steal the device onto which the memories were stored. He was defeated yet again, and David later revealed that the encryption would only open to him. Unbeknownst to his companions, David kept a copy of all the secrets stored away just for him.

Powers & Abilities

Show of Strength
Show of Strength

Noh-Varr is a white Kree humanoid. The Kree evolved in the planet Hala which has higher gravity than Earth and higher nitrogen content in the atmosphere. Their bodies are denser and more durable than those of human. The average Kree has twice the strength and stamina of a human of equivalent height and build. They originally had problems breathing in the atmosphere of Earth without a special apparatus, but first Mar-Vell and then others seem to have adapted to their new environment. Noh-Varr has also been enhanced using insect DNA, particularly that of a cockroach. This makes him faster, stronger and more durable than a normal Kree, granting him other abilities in the process. His body can digest anything for anything, allowing him to gain energy when he is weak.

Noh-Varr is able to lift up to 25 tons, which is much higher than an ordinary Kree. Noh-Varr has been shown to crack Old Lace's jaw and then throw her over his head like she was nothing. Old Lace is a Deinonychus. The largest known specimens of her species, could reach the height of 3.4 meters (11.1 ft), with a maximum skull length of 410 mm (16.4 in), a hip height of 0.87 meters (2.85 ft) and a maximum weight of 73 kilograms (161 libres). The assumption being that Noh-Varr can just as easily throw humans of equivalent weight over his head. He was also strong enough to break the Vision's arm off as well as damaged a "Hulked Out" Super-Soldier. Noh-Varr's reflexes are enhanced enough that he was able to dodge a bullet that was just inches from hitting him in the head. While running at his full pace, Noh-Varr can reach speeds up to 150 mph, and he has once been able to outrun a motorcycle as well as move so fast that the Runaways and the Young Avengers (excluding Speed) could not see him. Noh-Varr's is able to enter a state he calls, "White Running." While doing this, Noh-Varr forgets everything except the task at hand. He doesn't feel pain, or see or hear whats going on except what he is focused on. This has allowed him to outrun a motorcycle as well as take out Wiccan, Karolina, Xavin, and Hulking in just seconds.


Noh-Varr has shown on several occasions the ability to stick to a wall using his hands and feet. How strong his hold is on the wall is unknown, but he is at least able to support his own weight with the weight of one other person(shown in Ms. Marvel #35). Noh-Varr joints are also triple-jointed allowing be in bend in ways that would normal harm the human body and stay in them for long periods of time, much like Spider-Man or Nightcrawler.

Noh-Varr's saliva has nanotechnology in it, which it can cause him the ability to alter someones mind, making them see or think what he wants. His nanobots allow him to reroute pain sensations, not feeling the physical pain for a while.

Noh-Varr has the ability to grow his nail into a sharp spike shape, which he then used to stab a guard in the neck with. After getting out the area, the nail then exploded causing a fair large explosion. Recently, Noh-Varr showed that he can release a toxin through his fingernails which cause the victum to black out for an extended time period.

He can also grow or solidify his hair at will. His nanobots allow him to reroute pain sensations, not feeling the physical pain for a while.

Noh Varr has also shown to posses a vast intellect that even surpasses the likes of Tony Stark.


Bladed Gauntlet
Bladed Gauntlet

Noh-Varr has various weapons and gadgets that he has gain from the ship, the Marvel. The most famous of his tools is his gauntlet that is able to transform into various shapes. He usually has it take some form of a gun is able to fire various blast, but mostly commonly is just a plasma blast. This blast can be simple concussive blast to a blast that can destroy buildings. Recently, Lindy Reynolds had taken Noh-Varr's gun and turned it on her husband, Sentry. The blast was strong enough to burn Sentry's face down to his bones. While fighting Lyra the Savage She-Hulk, he configured his gauntlet into a bladed weapon. He has also used it to block attacks, like Kate Bishop's arrow.

Noh-Varr's second most used device is called the Pocket Battlefield. It appeared as pink square which would expand and take in anyone in the area. The

Pocket Battlefield
Pocket Battlefield

battlefield is able to be one of 9 different settings each having its own physics. Noh-Varr explained to Lyra that while in the Battlefield, he controls all ten of its axis.

While leaving the Cube, Noh-Varr took with him a pair of jet-boots and a mini jet. When he entered the final battle, during Secret Invasion, he crashed the minijet. He hasn't worn the jet-boots since the Invasion, but he still may have access to them.

Out of all his equipment, Noh-Varr's most helpful is the Living Database, Plex. Plex could telepathically give Noh-Varr information to help him complete his missions. Plex also had the ability to release an "Omniwave" which would allow hi to control the thoughts/emotions of large groups of people. Plex died when S.H.I.E.L.D. took Noh-Varr into custody. While Noh-Varr had control of the Cube, he created a digital version of Plex, but it was destroyed by the Skrull Invasion.

Recently, Noh-Varr received a pair of Nega-Bands that were created just for him by the Supreme Intelligence. These bands have granted a new costume that Noh-Varr can put on and off with a thought. It also allows him to fly, teleport, and shoot energy blast from them strong enough to take out Titanium Man and send Wonder Man flying back. The bands are of a different design and powers source than the ones worn by the Mar-Vell Family.


  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 165lbs.
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: White
  • Status
  • Known Relatives: Captain Glory (father) Star Splendor (mother)
  • Citizenship: Kree Empire(Earth-20080)
  • Place of Birth: Unknown(Earth-20080)
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Occupation: Former Extradimensional Peacekeeper, Former Kree Missionary, Avenger
  • Education: Unknown

Alternate Realities

Superspectrum Worlds

When The Marvel (The 18th Diplomatic Kree Gestalt's Dimension Schooner) was being dragged across the Omniverse, Noh-Varr briefly encountered both an evil version of himself and a version who had taken up the mantle of a Captain America-like superhero.

Katie Power beats up Noh-Varr
Katie Power beats up Noh-Varr


Noh-Varr is an Ensign in the Kree Military who Katie Power thought made fun of her. While explaining that he did not and that he was physically more superior to her in every way Katie knocked him out with a single concussion blast and claimed that he had used one "High Concept" too many (an all-too obvious jab at Grant Morrison's imagination).

In Other Media


Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • Diamond Select released a Minimate of Noh-Varr as the Protector in their Avengers vs. X-Men line.
  • Hasbro released a Marvel Legends figure of Noh-Varr as the Protector for the Hit-Monkey "Build-a-Figure" wave.

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