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The Talisman of the Skrulls, the appearance of Nogor signifies an impending invasion on a planet.  Posing as the mutant Longshot, Nogor befriended Darwin in Detroit.  However, they are soon stalked by Jazinda, an ally of She-Hulk.  After a battle, Darwin proved Longshot to be Nogor after touching him and diminishing his shape-shifting.

After being revealed, Nogor attempted to recruit Darwin as an ally.  He battled the combined efforts of X-Factor and She-Hulk, and proved to be a dangerous threat after summoning the powers of the Skrull Gods.  However, his persistence to recruit Darwin failed, despite his use of shape-shifting as Monet St. Croix and attempting to seduce him.  He was finally defeated by Darwin, and taken by She-Hulk.

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