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    Nog was the first Ferengi to join Starfleet

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    Nog was the son of Rom, Quark's brother who never really had time for Nog because he was obligated to work such long hours at the bar and he was a single father.  This was due to his wife leaving him.  Rom was always getting into trouble and it was because of this that Quark stayed on the Deep Space Nine (DS9) space station after the Cardassian Occupation.  Nog was caught breaking and entering and Benjamin Sisko releasd him on the condition that Quark's bar stayed open on the promenade.


    Nog was created for the television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

    Character Evolution

    Cadet Nog
    Cadet Nog
    When a school opens aboard DS9, Keiko O'Brien tried to convince all parents aboard the station to let their children come to her school. In order to convince Rom to let Nog go she promised Nog will "learn business values" that could help him later in life.  After joining the school, Nog started to get in trouble for pranks and stealing.  Eventually Nog tried but his father refused to let him go.  It was at this time that his best friend Jake Sisko helped him and even taught him to read.
    As Nog grew up he realized he wanted more in life than the Ferengi way of life.  He wanted his life to matter and so he joined Starfleet.  This was not easy considering his race was non federation and his past.  It took tremendous work and obstetrical but Nog was excepted into Starfleet.  It even inspired his father to join the Bajoran Militia.
    Nog went though the ranks very quickly due to the Dominion War.  Nog went to the academy and became a Lieutenant in a relatively short time but it was not without a cost.  At the Siege of AR-558 Nog lost his leg.  There were few who came out of the battle.  Nog came away from this battle scared both mentally and physically.  He was able to get himself together after some extensive therapy and finished out the war a respected officer.

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