Character » Noelle appears in 11 issues.

    Gary's mannequin girlfriend whom he eventually brings to life. She's something of an older female Pinocchio.

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    Noelle was a store mannequin that Gary met and becomes enamored with her. So much though, that he invites her to come with him and Jack to Las Vegas. Something that disgusts and disturbs Jack at the relationship, but lets Noelle come along. They spend the night at a Vegas casino, at which Jack most likely uses Gary to cheat. To which they have him kicked out by Dan Ferell, this unintentionally causes them to meet a young Holly Wagner. She comes to Jack and the group's defense after recognizing him as John Trick. Holly and Jack spend the rest of their evening, going on the town. Later on Noelle and Gary are witnesses for when Holly and Jack elope. 
    While Jack is enjoying most of his new married life, things are somewhat different for Noelle and Gary. Gary and her, according to him, began having problems because she wanted him to be more dominate. Eventually things apparently calm down for them, but their somewhat separated when Jack steals her head from Gary. Though after much persistence he does return her head to Gary. It would appear at some point, she and Gary broke up. Most likely due to him having to leave again with Jack, but not before leaving her a gift. He gave her life as a human, to which she was soon discovered by Jody and the nerdy Aubrey Billingsley. Aubrey decides to take Noelle's naivete to his full advantage, eventually she becomes his lover and eventually he gets her pregnant.
    Noelle would later reappear, 10 years later in Jack of Fables #47, married to Aubrey and with two children Luke and a daughter Eowyn. She does not seemed to have changed or aged much over the last 10 years. While not much is known about their marriage, it is somewhat dysfunctional. Noelle seems to be a caring and truly hard working parent. She is shown to be very loving towards her children and cares only for their happiness and well-being. Meanwhile Aubrey is somewhat still hung in his own world but apparently has given up some of his nerdy habits.Aubrey apparently knows that Noelle use to be a mannequin, however Noelle always discloses his accusation. Meaning she has either forgotten, blocked it out or believes Aubrey to be delusional. She has once expressed regret marrying him, merely saying if she had known any better she wouldn't have been with him. She's also disappointed that Aubrey doesn't listen to her or see a therapist for his rants.
    While she doesn't appear in Jack of Fables #48, it is assumed that Noelle had enough of Aubrey. Its revealed in the begining of the issue, that she left him and took the children with her.


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