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Maya Ducard is the daughter of the original Nobody (Morgan Ducard) and Felicity Strode. After her father died at the hands of Damian Wayne (Robin), she swore revenge on him. She modified Nobody's suit and set out to kill him. However, she soon developed a friendship with him. Together, they fight crime and evil wherever they encounter it.

Powers and Abilities

Skilled in unarmed combat and armed combat

Nobody's suit
Nobody's suit

Stealth/Invisibility (due to cloaking device)


Sonic Devices in her suit

Variety of gadgets contained in her suit

Maya's suit contains an array of gadgetry and weaponry that she utilizes to fight crime. One of these is a cloaking device much like the one Nobody uses, which allows her to move unseen and undetected. Her suit also has sonic devices which emit varying frequencies of sound to knock out enemies.

Characteristics / Personal Data

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Morgan Ducard (Nobody), Henri Ducard, Felicity Strode

Occupation: Student,Assassin, Superheroine


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