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    Often at odds with Aquaman, even going so far as to challenge him for the throne of Atlantis, Noble has been both an enemy and an ally to the King of the Seven Seas.

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    Noble was created by Erik Larsen and Eric Battle. He made his debut in Aquaman #50, where he served as a ally to the Atlanteans and a rival to Aquaman for the affections of Mera.


    Noble is the king of the Lurkers, an ancient underwater race who lived beneath the seafloor. They were eventually brought up by the noise cause by the citizens of Poseidonis in their celebration attacking and destroying the dome around the city. He then came to battle Aquaman and his troops with Aquaman and Noble squaring off one on one. Aquaman noted that while the Lurkers might be stronger the Atlanteans were faster. Aquaman stunned Noble with electricity but he quickly recovered and then saved an Atlantean child from death, which drew the attention of Queen Mera. However as they attempted to speak Aquaman attacked him with a whale and then managed to defeat him by bringing him to the surface at superspeed and causing gases to build in his body due to the instant change in pressure ,to the point where he was about to pop however Aquaman spared his life.

    Aquaman then gave him a translating device and he became second in command of the Atlantean cities, placing him in charge of defending them. The three then return to Noble's city where Noble and Mera grow closer due to her feeling he reminds her of Aquaman before all the tragedies changed him. However she is shortly captured and at Aquaman's insistence Noble accompanies him to save her despite his great fear of the RockCreatures. He then follows and is faced by the Lava Lord. Aquaman defeats the monster and gains the Lurker's safety while afterwards Mera remains to explore the city with Noble while Aquaman returns home.

    Noble takes part in the battle to defend Atlantis during the events of Day of Judgment where he is injured by a blast of hellfire by a escaped demon.He is then forced out of the battle, where Mera has Vulko has several tests run where they learn he secretes pheromones with have been reacting strongly with her alien physiology. Following his injury at the demon's hands he leaves his kingdom to be ruled by his cousin, Virtue as he begins a search for the lost cities of the Lurkers so he can fully unite his people.

    Noble bears a resemblance to Marvel's King of Atlantis, Namor the Sub-Mariner both in attitude and image (pointy ears and long hair). Their names also start with the letter "N" and he is also kind of an antihero like Namor. Finally he also serves as a potential romantic foil to the hero, similar to Namor with Reed Richards and his wife Sue Richards.

    Powers and Abilities

    Noble being adapted for the sea can breathe underwater. Also because he lives at a lower depths he is far stronger and more durable then an average Atlantean.

    Superhuman Strength

    Noble and the Lurkers are stronger than average Atlanteans, due to living at depths with more pressure. He was shown as potentially stronger than Aquaman (who is a super-Atlantean) and seemed to be more unstoppable the more enraged he became. He was responsible for ripping out the second version of Aquaman's hook and causing him to upgrade.

    Superhuman Durability

    Noble and the Lurkers are more durable than average Atlanteans. Noble was able to fight Aquaman for an extended period of time and was able to survive being electrocuted.

    Underwater Adaptation

    Like all Lurkers, Noble is able to normally function and move underwater, unfazed by the pressure, temperatures or lack of light. He is very fast, being able to race and save an Atlantean child in danger, and agile but not as fast as Aquaman.

    Pheromone Secretion

    Noble (and possibly his species in general) secretes some kind of pheromone that can attract members of the opposite sex. This seemed to be an unintentional side effect oh his physiology.

    Skilled Warrior

    Noble is shown as a skilled warrior both in armed and unarmed combat and he leads his army from the front-line.


    Noble is the king of the Lurkers and the leader of their army. After his introduction he becomes second in command to Aquaman. As a royal he has access to a lot of wealth and resources.


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