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When Thor came to High Evolutionary on Mount Wundagore, he thought this was the perfect time for a shave and upon doing so one of High Evolutionary's New Men brought him a hair from Thor's shaved head.


The High Evolutionary wanted to create a new race of immortals to serve as guardians for both his New Men and Mount Wundagore. At first the process seemed like any other cloning with the cell tissues, but he was more interested if indeed a new god could be created. Count Tagar wandered if Nobilus would be a wrathful god or gentle one. This was quickly answered as Noblius was born with a clinched fist.

In some unknown period of time after Loki manipulated Nobilus into a berserk rage one the High Evolutionary saw as childish and imprisoned him until the godling matured. Nobilus saw High Evolutionary as his father as much as Thor knew Odin to be his. Stellaris saw potential in Nobilus and freed him from his cage in order to have him help her fight the Celestial, during another rampage he came to blows with the Knights of Wundagore and a passing Thor, who was yet unaware of his identity.

Luckily for all them Stellaris took Nobilus and flew to fight the Celestials. In this distant planet the Celestial were about to create another one of themselves from the Black Galaxy. During the process the High Evolutionary arrived with his New Immortals and Thor to battle Nobilus, who was defeated. However the High Evolutionary upon realizing that he was imperfect compared to the Celestials had a mental breakdown and Nobilus took care of him. Upon the Celestials leave, all of them returned to New Wundagore. There they were attack by the twelve survivors of Counter-Earth who had been turned into cyborgs by Omega. Nobilus came to crash on a planet and was defending High Evolutionary from the twelve survivors now known simply as They, then Adam Warlock came to his aid. It was then revealed that Omega was no other than Man-Beast.

After some time Nobilus found Sif and Balder in the New Wundagore, Nobilus being a good boy brought them to Count Tagar who made a pact with the gods who agree to help search for High Evolutionary. During their search they found both High Evolutionary and the Analyzer who were witnessing the Celestials studying Ego. Upon their departure High Evolutionary he went to study Ego himself. Sif was wandering if indeed Nobilus was the missing Thor but the answer soon became clear when Nobilus flew into a rage; he was not Thor. As High Evolutionary studied more of Ego and the newly born Celestial from the Black Galaxy, he explained that Ego-Prime soon would come to claim his other part. Nobilus pleaded with High Evolutionary to come back but he wanted to study more, Sif then knocked him unconscious and proceeded to take them all back.


After regaining his sanity somewhat the High Evolutionary thought to create a new race of gods who would become the "Godpack". Nebilus feeling abandoned and unloved and seeking to take his rightful place as a god, the young god lead the New Immortals against their "father". The High Evolutionary was no match for his creation and fled to Earth to gain aid. In his fathers absence Nebilus and his fellow gods set themselves up on new Orion. From here they organized Rock Men to attack Earth and Thor as well as ally with new god Luminor to lead his teammates into a trap.

Once there he met Thor in battle and easily defeated him thanks to a combination of his lightning abilities and forcefeild. When Thor fled, Nebilus thought that victory was at hand but instead he was still opposed by Blitzania and the New Gods. When Thor returned with Loki however they defeated him by depleting his powers and shattering his confidence.

Realizing the error of his ways the High Evolutionary placed him and his fellow New Immortals into stasis and place them aboard the Wundagore 3 hoping that one day he would be free of his evil taint and could rise as the god he was meant to be.


As a clone of an Asgardian he possesses the conventional abilities of that race such as heightened strength, resilience, stamina and longevity. He is also immune to terrestrial diseases. He has the identical powers of Thor such as superhuman speed, durability and agility. His strength like Thor's is class 100. Since Thor was possessed by Loki at the time of his creation he also has an affinity for magic and can produce lightning and concussive force blast from his hands. In addition he can also erect forecfeilds to further protect him from harm. Due to Loki's corrupt influence he is easily angered and has the occasional berserk rage. He has the ability for great good thanks to Thor and yet great evil as a result of Loki.

Skills and abilities

He is trained in the use of bladed weapons ancient and modern thanks to his time with the Knights of Wundagore. He also has an affinity for using weapons like the hammer since it is in his very genes.


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