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    No-Name is a nameless broodspawn that was stranded on Sakaar after a failed Brood attack. She later became part of Hulk's Warbound.

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    She was one of Broodworld's Warriors-Prime. When Invaders came to Broodworld, the Brood Queen sent the Warriors-Prime deep below the throne city to follow and kill the invading X-Men. Below the throne city lived creatures more fearsome than the Brood. Those creatures swallowed no-name and her sisters. The X-Men released the Acanti's racial soul, causing the creature to become crystallized. When Broodworld was destroyed, the Warriors-Prime survived inside the crystallized body. 


    No-Name was created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan and debuted in The Incredible Hulk #93 during the Planet Hulk story arc.

    Mayor Story Arcs


    She and her partner Brood's drifted in space until they reached Sakaar. The warriors-prime fought in 'the test' where only No-Name survived, She shortly after joined the Warbound. She had become uncharacteristically individual since her arrival on Sakaar, even formed alliances with other gladiators of different species, something that the Brood never do. Since then she eventually became a partner of King Miek.

    World War Hulk

    After the explosion that destroyed Hulk's kingdom on Sakaar, No-Name traveled to Earth with the Warbound and helped the Hulk seek retribution on the Illuminati. On Earth, No-Name sought to restart an Earth-Hive with Miek, but the offspring were abominations due to their crossbreeding and she was forced to kill them.

    No-Name enticed Humbug, of the Heroes for Hire, into joining her and hosting her future children, so that the offspring wwould be able to 'chem' with the Earth-bugs. This began a transformation within him, driving him against his partners and eventually driving him mad. No-Name currently resides in Gamma-World with the remaining survivors of the Warbound.


    Standard Brood powers; very skilled in unarmed and armed combat.


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