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An escaped mental patient, Eamon Garcia descended below the streets of New York and joined the under-pirates, taking the name No-Beard and eventually becoming captain of his own crew, the Dead Dogs, on his own train, the President Clinton.


No-Beard was created by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1.

Major Story Arcs

Seven Soldiers of Victory

No-Beard discovers that Soapy has the map to the fabled Foundation Stone, which is rumoured to grant whoever holds it rulership over the under-pirates. He leads his crew in pursuit of the Foundation Stone, hoping to acquire it ahead of his mortal enemy, All-Beard. On the way, he encounters the Guardian, and joins forces with him to launch an attack on All-Beard's Sun Lubbers. When the trains crash he survives, and discovers that the Foundation Stone is a simple die. He stumbles through an irradiated lake and promises to battle All-Beard for its possession. The events are unknown, but he fails to acquire the Foundation Stone. Poisoned and slowly dying, he pilots his doomed train through the New York subways as he waits to die.

Powers and Abilities

No-Beard has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is missing both his hands, and has replaced them with sharp hooks. He is a competent, if somewhat unhinged, leader.


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