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    Also known as Nnoitra Jiruga.He is a powerful and vicious arrancar, and is the 5th Espada in Aizen's Arancar Army. His tattoo is located on his tongue and his hollow hole is under his eyepatch. He is the most arrogant member of the team. He is also quite sadistic. His resurrection is called Santa Terasa.

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    General Information

    • Birthday: November 11
    • Height: 7'0"
    • Weight: 93 kg
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Gray
    • Race: Arrancar


    Nnoitra is the tallest Espada, excluding Yammy (whose height varies under certain circumstances), dwarfing even Chad by at least a foot (around 30 cm). This fact is emphasized by his very thin and lanky body. His face is frequently set in a huge smile that reveals his upper teeth, similar to Shinji. His black hair hangs past his shoulders, concealing the left side of his face and a large white eye patch with one exposed dark gray eye. The eye patch hides his mask fragments, consisting of a small set of jawbones and teeth surrounding his Hollow hole. The tattoo signifying his rank as 5th Espada is located on his tongue. His clothing consists of a modified Arrancar. jacket with an overblown spoon-like hood and an opening starting at the neckline, showing most of his midsection, and closing at his waist. He wears the standard hakama but the ends of his pant legs close inside extended and curved boots. When he was the 8th Espada, Nnoitra's hair was shorter and messier, he lacked the spoon hood, and he wore his jacket's collar upturned.


    Nnoitra is perverted and despicable. He is willing to attack both Ichigo and Grimmjow when they were injured. Also, he hates people interfering in his matches. Nnoitra's idea of a fulfilling end to his life would be to die on his own two feet while drowning in his own blood. He is willing to resort to underhanded means to win and hates people for not killing him as he believes that they do not treat him as equals. He is probably the profane character in the series, he curses more than Grimmjow or any other character for that matter. His overall goal is to prove himself to be the absolute strongest of the Espada, not wishing to waste his time killing those he dubs "weak". However, he has no qualms attacking stronger opponents who are already injured. In his later moments during his battle with Kenpachi, he begins to show signs of weakness and desperation and becomes increasingly frustrated over his inability to overcome the powerful Captain. This stems from an inferiority complex he developed while serving as 8th Espada, due to his apparent inability to beat his opponents. Whenever his opponents refuse to kill him during a battle, particularly Kenpachi and Nelliel, Nnoitra takes it as a direct affront to his pride because, in his mind, neither Nelliel nor Kenpachi seem to think of him as their equal or superior. This shows a more honorable side of him as even he wishes to be treated as equally as every other opponent he has treated. Ironically, he treated virtually every one of his opponents the same way, unfairly and through dishonorable methods. He also does not hesitate to use any means - even unfair ones - in order to prove his superiority on the battlefield.


    A young Nnoitra with Neliel
    A young Nnoitra with Neliel

    Nnoitra used to be the former 8th Espada and was very proud. He couldn't handle the fact that a woman (Nelliel Tu Oderschvank) had a higher position than him. He once razed a whole colony of Hollows, forcing Nelliel to question why he did so when he had received no orders to do so. No one ever told Nnoitra not to kill them, he claimed. He recalls Aizen's orders to "seek the Vasto Lorde," observing that destroying entire colonies were in direct violation of that command. In answer, Nnoitra indicated that not everyone is loyal to Aizen and that killing these "rebels" would be beneficial to Aizen. He continued to debate with Nelliel about these principles until he was assaulted and knocked out. When he awoke, he discovered she was reading a book next to him, with a dead Hollow nearby. He inquired as to why she assisted him, and Nelliel simply stated that she did not 'assist him.' By putting a halt to his suicidal conduct, she merely saved the Espada from losing a member. Nnoitra emphasized that he despises her and that she would understand why she would continue to follow him around. She just stared at him and said it was because he was weaker than she was.

    He would repeatedly challenge the then-3rd Espada Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck to battle at this time, and she would easily defeat him each time. She wanted to leave during one of these confrontations, and he warned her it was a fight to the finish. When she inquired whether he wanted her to finish him off, she said she flatly refused and urged him to stop talking so loudly. She claimed that there was a point at which they lost their humanity and turned into animals. They had regained their sense of reason as Arrancar. She explained to him that reasonable people need a purpose to fight when they go into battle, and he didn't have one. Nnoitra yelled at her, claiming that he had a reason and that he couldn't stand her. Because he was a beast and she didn't recognize him as a warrior, Nelliel explained that it wasn't a reason, but rather an instinct. As a result, there was no need for her to bear the life of a non-warrior. Tesla approached Nnoitra after Nelliel had left and given him a hand. He threw his Zanpakut at him in retaliation, hitting the structure behind the Arrancar. Nnoitra warned him against being nice to him, claiming that just because he had lost didn't imply they were on the same level. Nnoitra stated to Tesla why he chose Nelliel and not another Espada because he despised her for simply being a girl who could outrank a man on the battlefield.

    He worked together with the current 8th Espada Szayel Aporro Granz to attempt to kill Neliel. He managed to strike her, but the blow didn't kill her. Instead, it released a majority of her spiritual energy and left her in a child-like state with amnesia. Seeing as she isn't a threat anymore, he let her live.

    Arrancar Arc

    Nnoitra is first seen during the creation of Wonderwiess; he is shown with his back facing Ulquiorra and Yammy as Aizen explains to the Espada present the process of awakening the Hogyoku from its inert state.

    Hueco Mundo Arc

    Nnoitra is seen talking with Ulquiorra Schiffer about the fate of Orihime Inoue. He is later seen confronting Yasutora Sado, right after the latter had defeated Gantenbeinne. Chad tries to attack Nnoitra only to discover the gap in power. Nnoitra easily dispatches Chad. Nnoitra later appears after the battle between Grimmjow and Ichigo, he fights a weakened Ichigo and was about to land the finishing blow, when Nel Tu who was really Neliel stepped in. After seeing Ichigo in danger Nel became Neliel again to protect him. Nnoitra battles Neliel and the gap in power between them was still very big. She managed to overpower him and just when she was about to finish Nnoitra, she reverted back into her child-like form. Nnoitra takes advantage of this and knocks Nel away, after that Ichigo attempts to attack Nnoitra only to be beaten. Nnoitra's fraccion takes it over and starts beating up Ichigo, just when he was about to finish Ichigo off, Zaraki stepped in.

    Nnoitra vs Zaraki
    Nnoitra vs Zaraki

    Nnoitra and Zaraki battle. Nnoitra first has the upper hand, but the tables soon turn. Both fighters manage to hurt each other quite badly. After Zaraki reveals his eyepatch as a handicap, Nnoitra releases his Zanpakutou. Nnoitra cuts Kanpachi down, only for him to stand up moments later and cut two of Nnoitra’s arms off. Nnoitra shows Kenpachi his ability to regenerate and attacks him again, this doesn’t stop him and the fight continues. After a while Kenpachi realizes he could actually die and uses kendo Techniques he was taught in the academy. As a result, Nnoitra is critically wounded, but not dead.

    Nnoitra screams at Kenpachi to finish him off, Kenpachi unwilling to give Nnoitra the finishing blow sparks Nnoitra's anger, and he briefly remembers a similar incident between him and Nel Tu where she was unwilling to finish him off. Nnoitra's anger finally reaches its peak and he charges straight at Kenpachi, only to be cut down for good. He locks eyes with Nel one last time before he falls to the ground. He remembers his past with Nel and dies on his own two feet before his body touches the ground.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cero: Nnoitras cero is the unique color of gold and it is shot from his tongue not his hands.

    Immense Spiritual Pressure - As the fifth Espada, he contains enough spiritual power to go toe to toe with Kenpachi who is known for his powerful spiritual pressure.

    Hierro: Like all Arrancar, Nnoitra has standard Hollow powers. Nnoitra claims to have the strongest Hierro of all the Espada. It took Kenpachi a few tries before he could actually injure him.

    He also has a unique way of sensing someone's power, he touches the ground and sends out a gold line of energy that touches the opponent and gives him an exact level of that person's power.

    Weapon Generation: Nnoitra can grow new weapons if they are destroyed or if he loses them.

    Enhanced Abilities: Nnoitra's natural attributes are enhanced and he gains the ability to superhumanly fast regenerate, thereby healing wounds and even severed limbs.

    Sonido: Nnoitra has been shown using it in battle, but his skill level with the technique is unknown. He is fast enough to overwhelm a battle-worn Ichigo using his Bankai.


    Santa Teresa
    Santa Teresa

    Santa Teresa (Spanish for "Mantis religiosa," Japanese for "Sacred Crying Mantis")

    • The unreleased form takes the shape of 2 crescent moon shapes fused at the back to make it look like an axe almost. There is a chain attached to the end of it so that Nnoita can use it for ranged attacks.
    • Resurrection: Santa Teresa is activated by the command Pray. After releasing Nnoitra gains an extra set of arms with the third set hidden so he can surprise attack his opponent, with each arm gaining a large scythe-like weapon as well. The weapons are used by him to both defend and then rapidly attack his opponent. Nnoitra can grow new weapons and arms when he wants to. In this form, Nnoitra's natural attributes are enhanced and he gains the ability to superhumanly fast regenerate, thereby healing wounds and even severed limbs.

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