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Character History

Nix is an assassin hired by The Queen as her body guard and personal killing machine.

Nix is responable for several deaths most noted is Commisioner Nudocerda, who she stabbed in broad daylight in front of escort. Secondly she shot a land devolper in front of a crowd of people while he was giving a speech about how Star City is safer now then ever.

Nix also kiddnpped Mary, a woman Green Arrow thought responable for the other two murders. She was about to kill her when Green Arrow stopped her. To escape Nix fatally wounded an innocent bystander so that Green Arrow had to make a hero's choose save the man or chase Nix.


Nix is a weopons master and a master of disguise. She is able to disguise her self to look like a man or woman, and because no one has ever seen her real face she could be anybody.

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