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    The last Monitor of the Multiverse, Nix has evolved into a new role as the Judge of All Evil.

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    After the creation of the new multiverse in 52, a new race of 52 different Monitors is seen to be active trying to protect the multiverse from corruption as a community. Each monitor is assigned to its own world, and they all vary at least slightly in appearance. A version of the Anti-Monitor is also seen to be active helping the Sinestro Corps on Qward. Although they are seen again, the Monitors are seen to play their next biggest role during the events leading up to Final Crisis.

    Multiversal Monitor Nix Uotan was one of the most dedicated and successful of the Monitors, having groomed his charged universe, " Earth-51," to a state of near perfection. When Ray Palmer of New Earth arrived seeking sanctuary, Uotan welcomed him and hid his presence from the other Monitors. For a time things continued as normal, and Palmer's presence proved to hold little effect on the events of his world.

    Unfortunately however, The Challengers of the Beyond's search for Ray Palmer led them through the Multiverse, and finally to Earth-51. With them came Monarch, who decided to make Earth-51 the first stop in his conquest of the Multiverse. Nix was horrified when his Earth became the site for the gigantic showdown battle between the Monitors, and Monarch and his armies. Though the Moniter's rallied to face the threat, they were unable to stop Monarch. Their time apart had tainted them, and they were unable to work together, making them easy targets for Monarch's forces to dispatch. The denizens of Earth-51, who had been enjoying years of peace for quite some time since they had won there battle of Good vs Evil where unprepared to face the threat as it arrived.

    When the Monitor Solomon is confronted on the Monitor's home world by Superman-Prime, he sends him off to Earth-51 as well as a way to both save himself and hopefully ensure the defeat of Monarch. Prime arrives just as Monarch is ready to claim victory against the forces of the Monitors. Prime launches himself at Monarch in a rage, and in the resulting battle is responsible for the destruction of the very planet he had come to save. As they fight Monarch reveals that Prime is beginning to run low on the borrowed power he stole form the Guardian during the events of the end of Sinestro Corps War, and he will soon revert to the body of a boy. Prime is surprise to find that Monarch is able to hurt him, and becomes desperate. Nix watches on, and realizing that what he can do for his earth at this point is limited, offers his services to the Challengers in reaching Apokolips.

    With the exception of a single plant, his entire universe was destroyed when Superman-Prime ruptured Monarch's containment suit and unleashed his energies. Uotan was later given charge of another Earth, but it quickly was infected by the Morticoccus Virus within the Karate Kid. Civilization on that world was destroyed, and most of the human population were turned into gross animal hybrids, with the two exceptions of Buddy Blank, and Tommy Tomorrow, who would become the OMAC (One Man Army Corps), and Kamandi. Afterward, believing the Monitors to be incapable of regulating themselves, Nix Uotan decided to set up a team of humans to "watch the watchmen." The team was composed of The Atom (Ray Palmer), Donna Troy, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), and the Forager.

    Final Crisis

    Because his actions have placed the Orrery of Worlds in danger Nix is placed on trial. Though he tries to plead his case, along with aid from Weeja Dell and others, the Prime Moniter Tahoteh would hear none of it. He found Uotan guilty and gave him the only sentence possible, exile. Nix was sent to New Earth and stripped of his powers and his word of attention. As they carried out the sentence he called out to Weeja, and suddenly awoke to find himself in an apartment.

    Uotan Reborn
    Uotan Reborn

    Nix had no recollection of his former life. He had an apartment, bills to pay, and a job at the local Coffee-shop working with computers. He was quickly fired for talking to customers about alternate worlds, and his drawings of strange heroes, and attempt at remembering a word. When Darkseid's Elite released the Anti-Life Equation, there were those who weren't affected. Nix was captured some time later, and after it became apparent that the Equation didn't work, transported to a holding pen for those few who were immune. While in holding, he was confronted by two individuals, a man in a wheel-chair ( Metron) and an older homeless man ( Highfather) who asked him about his past. The homeless man claimed he had called them their with the power inside him, and after began questioning him about a word that would describe and release his true self. Nix remembered Weeja's name while looking at a drawing of her, and just as the guards returned a flash of light blinded them all. Nix Uotan stood before them, his power returned having been re-born.

    Having revealed himself, Metron attempts to have Nix monitor and coordinate the efforts of the heroes across the globe, explaining to him that the birth of the 5th World, Men as Gods, has begun. Nix doesn't believe he can keep track of all the events, and also doesn't understand the purpose, though he begins to see as Metron begins to explain what could befall the Multiverse if they manage to destroy the Bleed.

    Metron had freed Nix to operate in his capacity as a Multiversal Monitor. When Superman called him forward, he was able to challenge Mandrakk personally, fulfilling his capacity as the "Judge of All Evil". He gathered his forces to face off against him, with Superman at his right hand. His allies included Captain Carrot and his allies from Earth-35, the Angels of the Pax Dei seeking vengence for the destruction wrought, the Supermen of the Multiverse, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Forever People of the 5th World.

    Nix was able to defeat his father Mandrakk, and then returned to the world of the Monitors. Once there he gave a report to his fellows, explaining how the heroes of the Orrery had helped to repair it, as well as the fate of the New Gods. Nix Uotan was re-instated by his fellows, though he turned down their rewards, stating that he beleived they should no longer interfere with the Orrery. He also reconstructed Earth-51. After thanking the new prime monitor, Hermuz, he left the council chamber to seek out Weeja Dell.

    Finding her out on the balcony he sought to comfort her. He explained his gratitude, as well as how it was her who had brought him back, and that they could not make him forget her face. He also explained to her what it was like to live among the "germs" as they call them. An experience that had changed him. He then answered her question, explaining that Superman had used his wish wisely, wishing simply for a happy ending. Nix then woke up, back in his apartment in earth 0, with the T.V. playing.


    Nix Uotan reappered in Multiversity series. When an emergency signal was sent from Earth-7, Nix Uotan went to investigate. He and his sidekick Mr Stubbs found the universe barren and their heroes defeated and twisted. The only survivor, Thunderer, was barely standing against the invaders, the mysterious force know as the Gentry. Nix gave his ship, the Ultima Thule to Thunderer in order to take his place as the Gentry's victim, while Thunderer gathered an army. Nix then let the Gentry corrupt him and served the Gentry's master; performing several tasks including the awakening of Darkseid and the attack of Earth-20. He did this, knowing that in the process an unstoppable team of Heroes would be brought together from throughout the multiverse.

    When he was summoned to Earth-8 by Lord Havok, he was opposed not only by the local heroes, the Retaliators, but also against him were the heroes recruited by Thunderer to save him. However their forces weren't enough to stop the deranged Monitor, who was halfway to summoning the other members of the Gentry to earth-8, to annihilate and corrupt all life. It was only with the combined efforts of Thunderer summoning a storm, Aquawoman stabbing him him in the eye and finally Red Racer coordinating a punch at the speed of light from every speedster in the multiverse at the same time, that Uotan could be disorientated long enough to regain control.

    Freed from his twisted form he gave the heroes the information they needed to stop the Gentry, for now. The Justice Incarnate was formed , and Nix returned to his human form, just in time to pay his rent.


    Nix Uotan was one of the cosmic entities watching the existence of Telos. He defined this world as an aberration from the multiverse.


    During Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, Nix Uotan is revealed as a prisoner of The Batman Who Laughs.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a Monitor, Nix Uotan is a godlike super-being that possesses powers and abilities beyond all imagination. After becoming the Judge of all evil he inherited nigh omnipotent powers. He was able to summon heroes from throughout the multiverse with but a word, and beat Mandrakk easily. He also could see into everywhere at once, shown by the blue screens around his head, what each monitor was doing.

    Transformation: Nix Uotan can take the form of a normal-looking teenager when he is off-duty, and willingly recall back his true Monitor form.

    • Cosmic Awareness: Can feel the presence of unnatural disturbances anywhere in the Multiverse.
    • Energy Manipulation: Can fire intense heat from hands/eyes and create force shields.
    • Dimensional Travel: Can move any throughout the multiverse.
    • Invulnerability: His body is completely impervious to any harm, taking the blows of some of the some of strongest in the multiverse without any harm. It took a infinite mass punch from the Flashes of the Multiverse to KO him. His body can completely recover from any previously sustained damage.
    • Reality Alteration: The Superjudge can, under his own statement, touch the edge of space and the end of time, and was shown to be able to hold several worlds on the palm of his hand. At full strength, the Monitor is powerful enough to ravage entire universes.
    • Size Manipulation: Can change his size at will.
    • Telepathy: Can read minds and induce sleep. Also immune to the Anti-Life Equation.

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