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When her brother Kain accidently erased their reality from existence, Nira-X became a temporal anomaly. Nira mysteriously appeared in another dimension in the future year 2170, where she was raised by a lone mercenary called Dane. Eventually she became a mercenary herself. Being a temporal anomaly, she was destined to become a Cyberangel. Her mission is to stop any otherdimensional realities from suffering the same fate as her own.


Nira-X is created by Bill Maus.

Character Evolution

Originally Nira-X was a mercenary for hire. She was at least hired two times by the alien race called Gordons to rescue Zen. She later became one of the Cyberangels, a group of warriors guarding the time-continuum and preventing others from time-travelling.

Major Story Arcs

The Alternity Saga

Hired by the alien race called Gordons to stop Paradoxx, Nira-X is transported to a planet nearby a wormhole where Paradoxx has resurfaced. There she meets Zen, who is already fighting Paradoxx. She joins the fight, but both are soundly defeated by the much more powerful Paradoxx. Paradoxx reveals himself to be Nira's brother, who she thought had died when his lab had exploded. According to Paradoxx, the explosion evolved him into his current state.

Paradoxx grabs Nira when suddenly Paradoxx is stabbed in the back by a Rygulian warrior (who had earlier crashlanded on the planet). Paradoxx drops Nira on her head, breaking her neck. She is restored to life when Zen destroys the wormhole, thus restoring order in the universe.

The Hunted

Again hired by the Gordons, Nira's mission is to get Zen off planet Terania. Before they can take-off, Zen is almost arrested for murders committed by an otherdimensional counterpart of himself. The counterpart, calling himself Hunter, uses enhancement drugs to defeat Zen and Nira. However, when the drugs wear out, Hunter threatens to blow up himself and Zen. Nira punches Hunter into a crater, where the bomb kills Hunter. Zen is acquitted of the murders.

Birth of a Cyberangel

Cyberplasm at work
Cyberplasm at work

In 2192, Paradoxx is revived in a government science facility in New York by three other time-traveling villains. Nira-X tries to stop them. During the fight, the main control systems are shot and a time-gate opens. Nira-X is accidently hit by cyberplasm, which fuses to her body. Nira-X and the villains are pulled through the time-portal.

Nira-X is pulled back to New York City in 1995, where the villains are already waiting for the arrival of a starbird where Nira-X's otherdimensional counterpart has hidden the time-element Paradoxx seeks. Without the time-element, Paradoxx won't be able to rewrite history in his own image. With the help of Cyberhood and his teammates (who are on the starbird), Nira-X is able to defeat Paradoxx and destroy the time-element. Nira-X is sent to the Continuum, a place outside of time. She meets Kathryn, who expresses her doubts to her about her loyalty. It is prophesized that she would help Paradoxx conquer the Continuum, because of her bonding with the cyberplasm. But Nira proves her wrong by returning to New York City, foiling Paradoxx' plan for blowing up the city, thus saving it for a second time. In the end, she comes face-to-face with Paradoxx and assures herself that the creature doesn't contain an element of her brother. She then kills Paradoxx. Found by Kathryn, Nira-X becomes a Cyberangel.


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