Character » Ninjette appears in 21 issues.

    Ninjette is the best friend of Empowered and a highly skilled ninja.

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    Ninjette and Empowered met when Ninjette was hired to subdue Empowered and deliver her to some criminals. Ninjette accomplished the subduing easily, but no one arrived to pick up Empowered. Disgusted with her employers, Ninjette chose to take Empowered to a bar instead. They quickly became best friends.
    Ninjette now spends most of her time hanging out in Empowered's apartment and helping her deal with the problems in her life. She has taken to training Empowered in aspects of heroing that she herself is an expert at such as physical prowess.
    Ninjette is a princess of the Kubaragi clan of ninjas. Some time ago she fled the clan and has been in hiding ever since. It has been revealed that the clan only wants her back so she can have children for them. When another clan of ninjas found her and tried to return her to collect the bounty she was overpowered and only escaped thanks to the intervention of Empowered.
    Ninjette has come to realize she has romantic feelings towards Thugboy, Empowered's boyfriend, and possibly towards Empowered as well.


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