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    Nina is one of a handful of genetically engineered anthropomorphic beings called "Mannites" created by the government to interface with computers by their own power.

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    Nina was grown in a government laboratory in an attempt to create subserviant cyberpaths. Unbeknownst to the facilitators, many of their experiments, including the child-like Nina, developed an array of mental powers including but not limited to: control of mechanical devices, teleportation, telepathy, cyberpathy, technopathy, astral projection, energy manipulation, and reality warping.


    Nina was created by Larry Hama and Randy Green and first appeared in the Onslaught: Epilogue one-shot (1997).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Charles Xavier


    Nina was one of Bastion's prisoners, which is where she met Charles Xavier. Charles helped her to control her powers while she was there. Seeing how powerfull she was, the Professor aided in her escape. She faked her death and teleported outside the compound where Dr. Renee Majcomb was waiting. Later while they were leaving they were attacked by Cerebro who came to life.

    Cerebro was looking for Charles Xavier but since Nina was around Charles she telepathically imprinted him. Which tricked the machine into thinking she was Xavier. With the help of Charles, Nina finally got Cerebro back to normal. Charles, with Nina's technopathy, went into Cerebro and fixed him. When last we saw her, she had joined forces with a group of other Mannites. One of the mannites went through an ascension where he evolved into a state of pure energy. Of all the Mannites, Nina is the most human in appearance and wields the most control over her abilities due to Xavier's tutelage.


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