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Nina`s father, her sole remaining parent was killed as an innocent bystanders in a trap meant to kill Elektra by Bullseye. She originally blamed Elektra for his death but eventually was taken in as Elektra`s ward. She is seen at times coping with the grief caused by his death in different ways. Later she is targeted by the Hand as a way to get to Elektra. Kuroyama cuts out her heart in front of Elektra who then proceeds to hunt the Hand seeking revenge. She is surprised when she finally confronts Kuroyama to find Nina alive, having been brought back to life by the same procedure used to revive her. By being tied to the Hand Nina is now an enemy of Elektra. After being beaten in unarmed combat, Nina feigns a rapprochement with Elektra so that she can be led to the stronghold of the Chaste. The last time she is seen she and Kuroyama have framed Elektra and wait to watch her life fall down around her.

Powers and Abilities

Due to her resurrection by the Hand, Nina had a certain level of athleticism and martial arts ability imparted upon her. She is seen as a capable hand-to-hand combatant though clearly inferior to Elektra.

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