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    Former Servant of the Dark Shadow liberated by the Trinity of Sin

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    Born and raised on the Dark Earth as a servant of Queen Venna, Nimraa was somehow able to survive the destruction of her Earth. Trapped in an alternate dimension for centuries, she was slowly driven mad and became determined to drag the Dark Earth back into being.


    Nimraa was created by JM DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet. She made her first appearance in Trinity of Sin #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Wages of Sin

    Nimraa orchestrate attacks on the members of the Trinity of Sin, sending her loyal servants to capture them and bring them to her Dark Earth. Her servants fail, but the members of the Trinity soon walk into her clutches, enabling her to perform a ritual to drag the Dark Earth back into reality, overlaying it onto the current reality. She holds and tortures the member of the Trinity, successfully breaking the Question so that, even when they escape, he is compelled to betray them. She tracks them to the Redemption Box and is able to seize it, but not before the Trinity is absorbed into the Box. When the team escapes the Box she brings them before the queen of Dark Earth, Venna, who has forgotten that Dark Earth ever died because Nimraa was so successful in bringing it back. When the team rebels and begins to absorb the Dark Earth she tries to destroy them, but fails. Nimraa is reborn in the wave of transformation they unleash, and becomes a creature of light.

    Powers and Abilities

    Nimraa is capable of flight due to her wings. She has unclear mental or magical powers that have enabled her to create and maintain a pocket world of which she is in total control, and to create independent avatars to carry out her will. She is capable of magical or energy-based offensive attacks. She has claws, and seems to be a strong fighter.


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