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Nikolai Orelov was a Russian member of the Assassin's Brotherhood during the turn of the 20th century. He is the ancestor to Daniel Cross, a recovering drug addict who later finds out about his assassin ancestry. His father was also an assassin as he was a member of the Russian sect of the Order. Nikolai was trained from a young age to become an assassin like his father. When he first joined the Order Nikolai quickly became friends with a fellow assassin, Aleksandr Ulyanov and his younger brother Vladimir Lenin. In 1887 Aleksandr was executed for attempted assassination of Tsar Alexander III. Before his death Aleksander pointed at Nikolai, meaning that the Nikolai was guilty for failing to rescue him. It would prove to be traumatic to Nikolai, giving him nightmares relieving that moment for years.

Forced to leave his pregnant wife at home, one of Nikolai's earliest known assignments was the attempted assassination of Tsar Alexander III in October of 1888. The mission is a failure when Alexander is able to easily defeat Nikolai, using a staff that contains a Piece of Eden, an ancient object capable of changing the world and the source of war between the Assassin's Brotherhood and Knights Templar for centuries. Alexander spares Nikolai's life, simply because he chose not to kill him in front of his wife and children.

In 1908 the Assassins caught a Templar. Orelov tortured him for information regarding the location of the Staff after he failed to recover it ten years earlier. There were two other Assassins in the room and one noted that his methods seemed a little extreme, but the other shrugged that it was because he lost a child years ago. After being tortured and having threats made against his family the Templar gave in and revealed that the Staff was in Tunguska in Siberia.

Orelov torturing The Templar
Orelov torturing The Templar

Nikolai and The Assassins were to destroy the staff which the Templars were testing using stolen electrical equipment belonging to Nikola Tesla-The famous scientist and inventor. When Nikolai and his comrades arrived he warned them that Tesla was ready in America with his teleforce weapon to destroy the Tesla coil built above the facility in order to stop The Templars from harnessing The Staff's power. They then stormed the building, killing all the guards. When they reached the top they realized the Staff had been activated by an electrical current. He could hear voices coming from it and Telsa then brought the tower down by use of his Teleforce weapon and shouted "Rot In Hell Thomas", referring to Thomas Edison and the fact that he stole his idea for the light bulb. Only Orelov survived the event that would go down in history as The Tunguska event, in order to cover the story up the Assassins created a story saying it was a meteor that caused the massive explosion.

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