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    Character » Nikolai Dante appears in 303 issues.

    Nikolai Dante is from futuristic Russia, he is a thief, womanizer, and illegitimate son of Katarina Dante and Dmitri Romanov. Abandoned at a young age, Dante turned to crime to survive. He bonded with the weapons crest intended for Arkady Romanov, which grants him various powers and abilities.

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    Dante was born the son of Katarina Dante and Dmitri Romanov. During his lifetime Imperial Russia, seized absolute control of both the entire Earth and an interstellar domain. Dante now a young man has become a thief and ladies' man. During his adventures he discovers his lineage to a scion of the Romanov Dynasty, aristocratic rivals to the Tsar, Vladimir the Conqueror of the House of Makarov.

    Dante's Romanov genes enable him to bond with a sentient "Weapons Crest", a biological weapon which gives members of the dynasty superhuman abilities: in Dante's case, the ability to extend bio-blades from his hands and hack into computer systems at will. He gleefully outrages aristocratic society and enjoys a turbulent relationship with the Tsar's daughter Jena.


    Nikolai was created by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser.

    Story Arcs


    Eventually war breaks out between the Makarov and Romanov dynasties, despite Jena and Dante's attempts to prevent it, and they break off their burgeoning romance to side with their families. After the end of the war and the defeat of the Romanovs, Dante returns to thieving, joining his estranged mother, Katarina Dante, and her notorious pirate crew. He is forcibly recruited by the Tsar to investigate the proliferation of cyborganic weaponry similar to the Romanov Weapons Crest. Unpopular in his new role, Dante is secretly abusing his position to plot against his employer, but after witnessing a brutal massacre while on duty in the oppressed state of Amerika, Dante loses his cool and tries to kill the Tsar.


    after being imprisoned, tortured,and beaten, Dante escapes from jail with the help of Jena. The two renew their relationship and raise an army of thieves and whores to fight (and win) a revolutionary war against the Tsar. The Tsar is put on trial for his crimes and a victorious Dante proposes to Jena, vowing to end his womanizing ways once and for all and marry her. This is cut short by the surprising return of Dmitri Romanov, who had been long thought dead.


    Dmitri embarks on a psychopathic rampage, murdering several of Dante's close allies, capturing Jena and 'killing' Dante's weapons crest. As he sets about tightening his grip on the empire, planning to marry Jena and execute Vladimir on their wedding day, Dante finds himself fighting the same war against a different enemy. Dante Starts leading raids against major cities that are vital to the empire, an even shut off the entire power in Russia leaving only the hospitals working. As he plans to lead a raid with him, Katarina Dante, Victor and Lulu Romanov, Lord Peter Flintlock and Spatchcock and Sargent Ellna Kurakin, Lulu turns traitor and captures Dante and takes him back to the Imperial Palace were Jena finally say's she will marry Dmitri if he stops hurting Dante.


    Nikolai's Weapons Crest is actually a battle computer that allow him to extend organic swords form his hands, it also grants him healing powers. The computer has also educated him in the ways of the nobles and molded him so that he could be a potential ruler of the universe.


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