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    Niko is an assassin who was introduced early in the New 52 as the new universe's Cheshire; however later stories exclusively utilized the original Cheshire, Jade Nguyen.

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    Niko is created by Rob Liefeld. Her name "Niko" is a play on the Japanese word for cat "Neko".

    The New 52

    Niko makes her very first appearance in the pages of Grifter (Issue 9).

    She rescues Grifter from a daemonite attack and brings him back to a cabin nearby where she introduces herself as Niko and explains to him about the daemonite invasion. She tells him that he is a chosen one and manages to recruit him for the fight against the alien invasion. While at the cabin, Deathblow soon join them. After several encounters with the daemonites, it is revealed that Niko is the mole within the group. She neutralizes both Deathblow and Grifter and turn them in to Helspont.

    Powers and Abilities

    Niko is very skilled in a wide array of weaponry as well as unarmed combat, although she is often seen with dual wield katana swords. She is also adept in operating various vehicles and ships.


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