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    Canadian comic book artist

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    Canadian artist, Niko Henrichon, first came to the attention of American audiences in 2001 with the publication of Vertigo’s The Sandman Presents: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dreams…But Were Afraid to Ask, written by Bill Willingham. The following year he worked with Willingham again on The Sandman Presents: Taller Tales. Then in 2003, Vertigo gave Niko all of the illustration duties on a Howard Chaykin/ David Tischman project entitled Barnum!

    But Niko evaded major recognition until 2006, when he teamed up with author, Brian K. Vaughan, to create Pride of Baghdad. The story is a fictionalized version of a true story about four lions that escaped from the Baghdad zoo in 2003, after the American bombing. Pride of Baghdad won the Imagine Games Network (IGN) award for best original graphic novel in 2006 but failed to ever receive an Eisner in the two years that it was nominated.

    Among the other comics that Henrichon has illustrated are Fables, Marvel Comics Presents, New X-Men, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z, Spider-man Fairy Tales, Star War Tales and X-Men: Return of Magik. #1

    He was also one of the cover artists on Black Panther, Fantastic Four: True Story, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, Mirror’s Edge, Vaistron, Shadow Hunter and currently, Dark X-Men: The Beginning.


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