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This volume, collecting NIGHTWING #133-137 and NIGHTWING ANNUAL #2, explores the lost year of Dick Grayson's life, after he quit being the Dark Knight's partner and before he joined the New Teen Titans. It's the year a friend, a foe, and a love from the past returned from the darkness to haunt him and changed his life forever.

After confronting Bride and Groom, Nighthunter would get a visit of a girlfriend from the past known as Liu after she was kidnapped by a gang named the Tigers. It was revealed that Dick Grayson (Nightwing) met Liu when he was seventeen a few months after the original Teen Titans had disbanded and a few days after a big fight with Batman.

It was with Liu that Dick Grayson lost his virginity, making him fall in love with her and almost entering in an obsession. During that "lost year" between the end of the original Teen Titans and the forming of the New Teen Titans he would also meet a man that was known as "Eddie Steel", Liu revealed to Dick Grayson that she was again with Eddie but this time in a way that was all business, while Nightwing was checking if that was true he discovered that there was a new Vigilante (his true identity hasn't been revealed) that wanted to eliminate "The Tigers" and kill Eddie Steel.

After a confrontation between Nightwing and the new Vigilante, Dick Grayson would ask to have a dinner with Liu and Eddie Steel, however he didn't know that the vigilante was watching them and that he was now interested in why Dick Grayson was now with that "bad crew". After Dick Grayson returned to his home finding Ryan being attacked by her angered boyfriend and a little after that he realized that the new Vigilante was waiting for him in his apartment to attack him, however his target was Dick Grayson, not Nightwing.

The Vigilante would torture Dick Grayson in an attempt to discover the true story of how Dick met Liu and Eddie Steel, what had happened there and why was he with them now.

Apparently Eddie Steel tried to use Liu to convince a young Dick Grayson to be their pass into Wayne's Enterprises, however Dick discovered this and using the identity of Robin he captured them in the act, while also discovering the flaws in the security of Wayne Enterprises, apparently it is because of this hard way to be used by his first love and the first woman with whom he had sex that makes him insecure of getting too close emotionally with women, which is what lead to his break-up with Oracle, Starfire, etc.

It was after this that Nightwing discovered that "The Tigers" worked for Eddie and that it was all a big set up so that Nightwing would get close to Liu and they could enter his life again.

Dick would later decide to have another dinner with Liu in an attempt to discover what she and Eddie wanted from him, which led to Liu making Dick a proposal to go to her apartment, something that Dick Grayson would decline because he knew that he couldn't trust her.

When he was on his way home he was attacked by the Tigers again, however these Tigers were different than the others, they were faster and more lethal than ever before. Just when they were about to kill him he was rescued by the Vigilante who killed them, he also revealed that he knew that Nightwing and Dick Grayson were the same person.

At the same time we see that Eddie and Liu used the blood of Dick Grayson along with his genetic markers to enter Wayne's medical and get a sample of the investigations that were there, this was an attempt to recreate and improve the serum that the H.I.V.E used in the original Ravager. The story ends with the escape of Liu and Eddie and also both Nightwing and the Vigilante go their own separate ways.


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