Nightwing Secret Files #1

    Nightwing Secret Files » Nightwing Secret Files #1 - Nightwing: Secret Files & Origins released by DC Comics on January 1, 1999.

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    During No Man's Land, Batman sent Nightwing to depose Lockup's rule in Blackgate Prison. However, Nightwing was knocked unconscious from behind. He begins to dream of Robin guiding him through his early life to the modern day; from being Robin the Boy Wonder to Nightwing protector of Bludhaven. A Nightwing regains consciousness, he bids farewell to 'Jason' (Jason Todd, being the previously believed to be deceased Robin).

    This issue also includes 'Lost Pages' from the New Teen Titans:

    Robin runs away after they survive another adventure. Kid Flash finds him on an old plot of waste land where Haly's Circus had been on the night that Robin's parents died. He grieves over the fact that he hasn't commemorated the anniversary of their death regularly as Batman does for his own parents. Kid Flash returns Robin to the rest of the Teen Titans who have all assembled to remind Robin that he has a new family.

    An additional story called "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana" features Nighwing teasing Oracle. She quizzes him over who his first love was, and he dismisses all the previous girls he's dated, confessing that it was the "first Batgirl".

    The Annual also includes profiles for Nightwing, his neighbours, several of his foes, and Haly's Circus.


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