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In these classic tales from SECRET ORIGINS #13 and ACTION COMICS WEEKLY #613-618 and 627-634, Nightwing teams up with his old friend Speedy as they hunt the villain Cheshire and Roy's daughter, but Speedy has a secret Nightwing doesn't suspect.

Back Blurb

A Titan's Tale

Growing up in the Batcave didn't make for an easy adolescence, but Dick Grayson's unusual upbringing did succeed in molding him into one of the world's greatest crimefighters. And when he finally hung up Robin's yellow cape and set out on his own as Nightwing, he had the full support of his own team of heroes - the New Teen Titans.

Some investigations, however, require a more subtle approach than an all-out super-powered assault. Case in point: when erstwhile Titan Roy Harper gets wind of a planned political assassination, he recruits his old teammate Nightwing to help foil the plot and catch the hired killer - a killer who is also the mother of his own young daughter!


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