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Nightwing 8#

By far the best bat book I've read in the past three months. First off , I would like to give Eddy Barrows a standing ovation. My word was the art incredible. Now to the story , the flow of story was just perfect. It's been Kyle best issue by far. The flash backs were compelling and meaningful . You could see the difference from the haves from the have nots. Kyle portrays the 1800s perfectly as well, I truly felt the flashback could be a whole separate comic on its own. As for the current events happening , dick rushes to save the mayor when hes confronted by a talon but the talon you would think it would be , a perfect twist by Kyle. No worries this talon cuts right into dick. A huge fight occurs and dick thrusts the blade right into the talons eye but for dick there's no rest for weary. Three knives are thrown right into his chest.. How he will manage to survive will be very compelling to see. Seriously though dick can't catch a break !

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    THE GOOD: The art in this issue is amazing to me. I really love the paneling and I think that it really highlights the action. It also adds so much details into the backgrounds. I really loved seeing the art in the 1910's. I think that was a highlight for the art. The story is amazing. We get to see a Talon before he became a Talon. It's very interesting and I think that you like the Talon as well. Nightwing's role in this was also brilliant. We are talking top action. The ending it super suspen...

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    Addendum to this post: I apparently missed a few key plot points while reading this issue, and a sharp-eyed reader pointed them out to me. I've since gone and made corrections to the original post. Erroneous original material is struck through, while additions or replacements with the corrections are done in italics.This of course also affects some of my analyses of this story, which will remain unchanged for the time being. They were, after all, valid observations at the time I made them, even ...

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