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I really like the art in this issue. The paneling is all over the place and I really think it seems like a Nightwing book. I really think that first page in the issue was done very nicely by the artist and I hope that this artist sticks around for a while longer. The story is fantastic. This burns through the old story that connects to the Court of Owls and I think that the conversion was done very nicely. I really like the new twist on Haley's Circus and the characters you liked at the beginning are suddenly not to good. I really like this issue because it kinda starts a new direction for the character and I think that this new direction is going to be great. 
I really liked seeing that the Batbook are connecting, but I kind of wish that we could've got more of Nightwing's thoughts during the scene. 
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect) 
Since I happen to be following Kyle Higgins on Twitter, I know this is going to be a great jump on point. I would suggest that you start here because if ends a story arch but starts a new one and they go together so well. I would suggest this to Nightwing fans and new people who want to get into the character. This is also an issue that will probably be a good Court of the Owls crossover. 

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