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    Nightwing gets some feedback

    Dick Grayson has to face his past some more with this 3rd issue.


    I like that Dick is going back to his roots, Haly's Circus. There's a nice flashback sequence in the beginning showing Grayson hanging out with some other carny's, including new love interest Raya. The circus has come together to pay respects to the late Mr. Haly, who was murdered by the assassin Saiko. While there, Raya tell Dick that their old friend Zane works as a booking agent for contract killers, thinking that there may be a connection. When Nightwing confronts Zane he discovers that Zane picked up a few "upgrades" and now goes by the name Feedback. After another great battle which is starting to become a staple of this series, Nightwing overcomes some demons, and after concluding that Feedback is not connected to Saiko, silents him. So now Dick is back at ground zero, seeming to be no closer to Saiko of the knowledge of the "secret" that Mr. Haly died to protect, but committed to staying with Haly's Circus until he finds out both.


    I'm still a little confused with the timeline of Nighwing, along with some of the other characters in the DCnU. The flashback was five years prior to the current events and Dick looks 17 at the oldest. So now I'm left to believe that in a mere five years he was picked up by Batman, became Robin, grew up to be a man, went solo and changed his name to Nightwing? With all the different story arcs Nightwing has been evolved in, what was left out?

    The Verdict: (4.5 of 5)

    I'm hooked! As soon as I read the last panel, I could not wait for the next issue. The story is gripping with a lot of potential. Barrows' and Pansica's art is breathtaking and the dark colors work really well. I also like that Dick Grayson fighting solo again. My only negative is the whole timeline thing, but with more issues to come, that may be cleared up. I believe that this is a must buy!


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    Personally, I'm just ignoring the crazy timeline crap.

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