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    Haly's Secret

    The Story: 

    Dick Grayson attends My. Haly's funeral, attempts to patch things up with Raya and pays a visit to his old friend Zane.  

    My Thoughts:

    Nightwing has been a series I hadn't expected to be this good. So far I've been thrilled with where the story is heading. I think Kyle Higgin's work here is far superior to what he's doing on Deathstroke. Everything in this series serves a purpose. The exploration of Haly's Circus is what intrigues me most. I hope Higgins continues to dig deeper and design something elaborate and compelling. There's certainly potential there. You just need to execute it right now. So far he's doing a fine job at it.

    As much as everyone wants Dick and Barbara to get together, I think I want to se him with Raya right now. It makes sense since they have history together. I know he has history with Barbara as well but this goes deeper. Dick and Raya were both involved in the circus. More important than Dick's love life is this mystery surrounding the cirrus. I'm eager to find out this secret and what the circus really is. It looks as if Saiko will be around for a while still and is still involved with everything going on. Higging's is crafting a mystery/thriller that is re-defining Nightwing's character.

    Eddy Barrows is doing great work on this series. I'm really loving his style and the way he designs his panels. It's artwork that speaks volumes. You don't even have to read the dialogue to see how emotional or intense the story is. Barrows excels in that department. I love the quality and design of the cover.

    This series keeps getting better and I recommend all those who aren't currently reading it to jump in immediately. If you want to see more of Dick Grayson's past then this is the series for you. Batgirl is suppose to make an appearance next issue. Hopefully it will be better than their get together in Batgirl #3. Maybe she'll rock the boat between Dick and Raya. I can't see what else she could provide to the story right now. Regardless, this was a fantastic issue. 

    Rating: 5/5

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