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This issue is a prefect lead in to the end of the action in the following issue.  First of all the art here is a lot crisper which gives the action more focus.  Also it focuses a bit more on Dick (not surprisingly as it is his title) who thus far has mostly been ignored in this story arc.  The action proceeds well among the different groups and locations.  Tiger and Canary are facing death in the jungle while Fyers is on his way to meet up with them.  It is really the action in Gotham though which sets the tone here, from the opening crime scene to the revelation at the end to the "surprise" villain.  In the meantime the monkey hierarchy is explained after Connor effectively embarasses the Bamboo Monkey.  The setting for the final showdown too is something only capable from the abstract mind of Chuck Dixon, a building turned on its side by the earthquake, where falling through a doorway could mean a fall down a hallway.  Excellent lead-in, and really makes the entire series worth the effort.  

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