Nightwing #138

    Nightwing » Nightwing #138 - The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, Part 2: The Lesser of Two Evils released by DC Comics on January 2008.

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    "The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul," Part 2 of 7! Could it be? Nightwing and Robin fighting side by side with Damian? Will the combined might of Batman's three "sons" be enough to overcome the machinations of the newly reborn Ra's al Ghul? And what will Nightwing do when Robin is tempted with an offer he can't refuse? Guest starring Talia al Ghul and the Sensei!

    Nightwing is in Chinatown fighting a guy named Ayin, a bounty hunter from a secret group called the Sacrament. Nightwing notes to himself that they should be fighting on the same side except for the fact that Ayin (and the Sacrament) tend to kill the criminals they hunt. He gets a call from Batman as he's fighting. Batman tells him that Tim may be in trouble. Batman is in Asia and can't get to him. Bruce offers to give Dick his emergency override code for the Justice League teleporter. Nightwing reveals that he doesn't need it (because he already knows the code). When he uses it, Batman is surprised by this fact. He mentions that they will talk about this later, but Dick can tell that Bruce is proud of him deep down for getting it.

    As he arrives outside Wayne Manor (Nightwing doesn't want to get vivisected by the giant penny in the cave), everything seems quiet. Batman tells him that Ra's al Ghul is alive again and is after Damian's body to transfer his consciousness into. Nightwing discovers three female individuals lurking about, Tiger Moth, Dragonfly, and Silken Spider. Nightwing isn't sure if they are working for Ra's al Ghul or Talia. He knocks them out with some sleeping gas and heads towards the mansion.

    Just then, Alfred and a ninja smash through an upper window. Nightwing manages to catch Alfred in mid-fall as he then notices an army of ninjas crawling along the top of the mansion.

    Outside of Tibet, Batman and Talia are on the trail of Ra's al Ghul. Talia questions his actions. Ra's has a day head start on them and their son needs their help now. Batman says that since Ra's needs Damian alive, he isn't in danger. When Talia mentions Robin, Batman says he can take care of himself.

    Back in Gotham, Nightwing gets Alfred to safety with the help of the mansion's perimeter security. Heading into the Cave, he finds Tim and Damian, back to back, surrounded by more of Ra's al Ghul's ninjas.

    The three fight, despite Damian's complaints about their defensive strategies over offensive strikes. They finally approach the elevator to exit the cave. When the doors open, ninjas are cut in half by a stream of bullets. The three "ladies" Nightwing left outside have made their way inside. Nightwing manages to flirt with them and fight off ninjas when the three of them are hit by the ninjas' darts. They immediately fall to the ground. Normally this would be a good thing but Nightwing knows that the League of Assassins use deadly venom on their darts. He has less than thirty seconds to save them.

    Already foaming at the mouth and convulsing, Nightwing is now faced with another problem. The ninjas have grabbed Damian and Tim is getting swallowed by all the ninjas. It appears that both are taken in the elevator. Nightwing has no choice but to sacrifice the two of them in order to save the ladies. Knowing this was done intentionally, Nightwing vows that he will save Tim.


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    Can we have this writer a little longer please? 0

    Ok first of all let met say that I'm glad that there is another guy besides Wolfman that can use the character of Nightwing in a interesting way. Too bad this guy is only for the resurrection event.Ok now the review.This issue makes us see Nightwing as something diferent that we're used too. We don't see him in this issue as the former boy wonder, as "batman light", as a second rate Batman...this writer makes Nightwing look like he should have always been, at Batman's level.To be honest I though...

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    NINJAS! 0

    Nightwing finally catching Bats offguard with information...great stuff. The three sons of the bat teamup against the ninjas of Ra's Al Ghul and the three costumed mercs from Talia.I loved this issue because Nightwing seems more human all the while sticking to Bats ideals. I mean if I had to make the decision he had to make at the end, then there would have been some dead bad guys...oh well, better dead villains than my friend dead. But that is how the Bat family rolls...except Damien, Jason, et...

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