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Following this issue, Devin Grayson took a break from writing, allowing Chuck Dixon to come in and explore Dick Grayson's transition from Robin to Nightwing. With the War Games crossover story finished, Devin Grayson decided to resolve Nightwing's relationship with Catalina Flores, the Tarantula. Thematically, the storyline is not dissimilar to Nightwing #47 - The Quarry, in which Dick Grayson must bring Nite-Wing to justice. However, this story is more emotionally charged, largely due to the controversy of the non-consensual sex Tarantula initiates with Nightwing in Nightwing #93 - Slow Burn.

The story opens with Dick in a jail cell, and then flashes back to earlier in the night. Nightwing confronts Tarantula on a rooftop; she believes that he has called her out to patrol Bludhaven with him and is initially flirtatious. When Nightwing reveals that he intends to turn her in for the murder of Blockbuster, an extremely one-sided fight ensues. Nightwing reveals that he intends on turning himself in as an accomplice, feeling his inaction made him complicit in the villain's death. However, even after the combatants end up at the BPD precinct, Dick Grayson's plans do not go exactly as planned.

Man-Bat, Batman, and the Flying Graysons appear via flashback, and Barbara Gordon does not visually appear, but leaves a message for Dick on his phone.

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