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Nightwing Returns!!!!!!!

I was happy when I heard Dick Grayson was back as Nightwing and when the comic came out i found out it was great. I like his new costume and how comic tells how he feels too. In the issue he goes back to the circus and fights a new enemy. The villian is quite interesting and I wonder why does he believe Dick is a murder. I feel better now that Dick is back and shows he true self and i feel better now that we have only one Batman and Dick is back as the identity he made himself. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because he's back to his self, faces a new foe and is ready to fight what comes his way.

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Crazy Vigilante

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    ##This issue starts off by establishing who the character is. Then it sets up the incoming story arc.Story- The story revolves around Haley's Circus coming back to Gotham. The plot moves at a fast pace, never staying in one place to long. However, every location gets their due; no scene feels to short. Nice fight at the end, though Nightwing's surprise at a certain event I will not spoil surprised me. He should have seen it coming.Art-Eddy Barrows was on art duties, and he preforms well, during ...

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