Nightwing #1

    Nightwing » Nightwing #1 - The Resignation released by DC Comics on September 1, 1995.

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    Brief Summary:

    Dick briefly considers retiring from being Nightwing forever before family papers uncovered by Alfred reveal a possible link between the murder of the Flying Graysonsand the Crown Prince of Kravia.

    In depth:

    Dick watches from the rooftops as three large men surround a woman in glasses, as a thinner man in charge threatens her. When the man charge says its time to end the girl Dick leaps down quips and dispatches the three larger men, followed by the man in charge, however not before the girl was smashed into the stonewall of the alleyway and knocked unconscious.

    Batman is shown to have been watching the spectacle and the two take to the rooftops where Dick tells Bruce the thoughts that have been going through his head and the events that had lead him to where he is now. He starts from his parents death by some two bit thug named Zucco, then his adoption by Bruce, Bruce's revelations of his secret and the start of Dick's time all consuming time as Robin which he looks back as having stolen the chance of a normal childhood. Then he explains that even when he broke away from Bruce to become Nightwing he was still doing what Bruce had taught him to do, what he had done as Robin, what he'd done all his life. Which all lead to how he'd recently taken over Bruce's role as Batman and how he'd finally taken the last step in following Bruce's path, which he decides isn't for him and tells Bruce as he hands over his Nightwing costume, that he's done being a hero.

    The next day Dick wakes up to find he's not sure what to do with all the free time on his hand and decides to drop by the hospital to visit the woman he'd rescued the next before named Miggie. They hit off and he meets her parents visiting her who seem like a loving family, which further hits Dick in his regret for not having a proper family. Later at his place Alfred stops by with food and a letter that reveals of a possible connection between his parents murder and the country of Kravia. An angry Dick calls the embassey of Kravia requesting to make a visit to the country of Kravia.

    In the country Kravia the scar faced prince of Kravia who'd just learned of Dicks interest in his country meets an American assassin named Goode Ole Bernie. Bernie demonstrates his skills by killing the prince's secretary with an Asian move called the pinch of death, after which the prince tells him to go America and kill a man named Richard Grayson.

    Back in the U.S. Dick comes out of a coffee shop with Miggie and part ways with a kiss, while Bernie lurks around the corner of an alley waiting for his opportunity. Once Dick moves away from Miggie, Bernie chases after Dick calling out that he has something he needs to say.



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    Nightwing's Last Hurrah? Probably not. 0

    Dick Grayson had always enjoyed a strong career in comics spanning back to his first appearance in Detective Comics #38. However, he never enjoyed much solo success until the Nightwing: Alfred’s Return one-shot. Prior to that, Nightwing had a couple solo outings in Action Comics Weekly, New Teen Titans Spotlight, and Showcase ‘94. However, 1995 saw comic fans’ first extended Nightwing story written by Dennis O’Neil with art by Greg Land. This issue, titled “The Resignation,” begins shortly after...

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